A lot has been said about Ancient Harbinger, they say its too expensive, too easy to be killed, that 6-mana is a competitive mana slot. But lets look past that for a second, what if Triggers? How good is getting a 10-cost minion from your deck into your hand? Personally, I believe it to be a lot less impressive than it originally looks, and let me explain why. A lot of these numbers will vary depending on how many 10-drops do you run, and how many Harbingers do you use in your deck. I’ve seen a lot of people mention that Harbinger’s stats make it so it would be a detriment to run 2, as you are unlikely to get value out of 2 of them. Also having too many 10-drops will just make your deck wonky, so lets for the sake of argument assume you are running just a

When VIU Studios and Blizzard Latin America announced that they would be once again partnering to organize the Copa America event, the Latin American community was happy to see that one of their biggest events would be returning for a second year. But the Copa America wasn’t just back, it was also bigger and better than ever. An Increased Prize Pool coupled with more LAN events was big enough for the Latin Americans to feel like they were finally starting to matter, but lost in the shuffle was the fact that this tournament was also partially open for residents of both the USA and Canada. How often does a tournament with a 25.000 USD prize pool fly under the radar? The first season of this tournament is already completed, but registration is open for Season 2. If you are a resident of the USA or Canada, you can sign up


Mending Mondays #21: Drain Life

by DannieRay23 on

While a lot of people scream for nerfs when cards feel overpowered, I don’t see many people calling for buffs to long forgotten cards. In my competition-based mind, every non-joke card should at least be a decent fit in a viable deck. Just ignore the fact that some bad cards do have their purpose design-wise, ok? Still, I believe the meta would grow a lot more interesting if a wider array of cards suddenly started seeing play. So without further ado… Welcome back to Mending Mondays, a weekly feature where I, Dannie “IAmDiR23” Ray will take a look at some of the worst cards in the Hearthstone and evaluate why they are deemed to be horrible, and what could be done to fix them. The Green Beam of Life Stealing was one of my favorite Warlock spells in World of Warcraft. Sadly, this card doesn’t do it much justice. A

Often times, we are extremely critical of Blizzard and its games. We are no strangers to blunt statements such as my claim that the Hearthstone client is unacceptable for high end competitive play, or the calls of many for the ladder system to be reworked. I’ve flat out said that The Grand Tournament sucked, and some people even claimed that this whole shift to a set-rotation model with the new standard format is just a way for Blizzard to make more money. Despite all of the critique, Hearthstone does have a lot of big positives, and we often times seem to take them for granted. Personally, I consider myself a fair reviewer, and I will sing the praises of Blizzard when I feel they deserve it. I’ve stated multiple times that League of Explorers is perhaps one of the best things that Blizzard has ever done, and I’ve even looked

Hearthstone is a great collectible card game that is deeply rooted in the lore of Warcraft, and while Blizzard regularly releases new cards in expansions such as the recently announced “Whispers of the Old gods”, this has never stopped fans everywhere from making their own creations. Most mondays, I take existing cards and try to rebalance them. I also have a section where I create my own cards following a theme, although I haven’t done one of those in a while. But what if we take the Hearthstone card format and apply it to other forms of popular entertainment? I already took a stab at some Super Bowl themed cards in an article I did for a fantasy sports site.  But today I’m going to try and honor one of my favorite childhood shows, the legendary Dragon Ball Series. Dragon Ball has a very extensive lore, with countless Manga chapters,

When I was looking at the ways you could rotate out the Classic Set without having a big negative impact in the game, one of the main ideas I toyed around with was the possibility of not having a restricted format be the standard way of playing. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not against this new format at all. I think that rotating cards out of the competitive metagame is the best thing to ever happen to this game, but I do take an issue with the naming conventions used by Blizzard in this new enterprise. Standard  is Good The first things first, we have to identify who benefits from the Standard Format. The answer is rather simple, as there’s two kind of players that will get a lot of mileage out of this set rotation. Obviously, the competitive player is one of the great beneficiaries of this important

Last week, I pointed out several reason as of why Hearthstone should really look into rotating out  the Classic Set. But as we saw then, it is easier said than done. There are important factors which prevent the set from being cleanly removed from the Standard Format, and we’d like to mitigate them. Here’s a few of my ideas that would hopefully make the transition seamless. Do not call it Standard This probably deserves a whole separate article, but here is the main point: Hearthstone is mainly a casual game, and this Standard Format looks like something that will help balance and make the competitive scene less stagnant. But why are we forcing this new restricted format as the new Standard for all kinds of players? Blizzard should take a good look at its player base and use the Wild format as the Golden Standard. The format that rotates out

The Hearthstone Client needs a big upgrade to support its ever-growing competitive scene. Dannie Ray looks into the flaws of the current client and points out a few details that could make the competitive experience a lot smoother, both for players and organizers alike.

Welcome back to Mending Mondays, a weekly feature where I, Dannie "IAmDiR23" Ray will take a look at some of the worst cards in the Hearthstone and evaluate why they are deemed to be horrible, and what could be done to fix them.

Blizzard is finally going to rotate out older sets, but Classic will remain forever a part of the Standard Format. Dannie Ray feel strongly about the subject, and it's not happy about the amount of cards that will be forever playable in the format.

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