Hi Danny Donuts here again. Right now we are halfway through the release of the new cards from ONiK. This article will be a recap of what has happened in the past few weeks as the Wings of Karazan have released. It is really interesting to see some of the decks that have been made viable by the new cards introduced, and how the meta changes week by week. These comments that I am making should be taken with a grain of salt, as the meta is currently in flux, and these decks that are currently good may not be as the meta is shaken more by the next two weeks, or as it settles down in the upcoming months. Week 1 Great Priest of the Feast I believe that everyone complaining about Purify really led to this card being underestimated. At this point, it has been extremely powerful in


Tech Your Deck: C’Thun Warrior

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Hi this is Danny Donuts, and I am back again with another addition to the “Tech Your Deck” series. This week we will be looking at the king of control decks on the ladder: C’Thun Warrior. The game plan of this deck is very similar to the old control warrior decks pre-WotOG, in which the deck is not particularly concerned in tempoing your opponent out, you are more concerned in getting value out of your cards. This composition is a bit more versatile than the previous Midrange Hunter Deck Tech that I reviewed, as it has the ability to counter most other decks in the meta through teching. This is one of the current strongest control decks, and can obtain a significant win rate if modified properly. Core Cards Similar to the previous Midrange Hunter deck, there are 22 cards in the C’Thun Warrior deck that I believe should be considered “core”

Disclaimer: You will find the rating used at the end of the article. The Evaluations made are for Standard play mode only. All evaluations are subjective. Important Links: All card evaluation articles Karazhan Power Rankings by OtakuMZ Spoiler Card List by Eldorian Introduction Before we start, I am very happy that our new guy DannyDonuts joins the evaluation and we will do as much of the following post together.We hope do give you a more diverse look into the cards this way. As always we appreciate comments below or a tweet @OtakuMZ1978 and @DannyDonuts_HS Card Evaluation (8-9/45) Malchezaar’s Imp Danny: I believe that Malchezaar’s Imp will allow for a different type of hyper-aggressive zoo list to be formed. It will allow for more discard cards to be played, which are normally over-powered for their cost. This card will allow for their negative effects to be mitigated. This list will potentially


Tech Your Deck: Midrange Hunter

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Hi, this is Danny Donuts again with another installment in my series on teching your deck. (If you missed out on the introduction to teching article check it out here!) In this article I will be going a bit more in depth and discussing how to build and tech a deck to counter various other decks. Midrange Hunter is an extremely versatile deck which can be modified to counter many different match-ups. It has a core group of cards that rarely change from build to build, as well as having space to add cards which can help improve match-ups. This makes it a perfect deck to start understanding how to deckbuild, or if you are already an experienced player, a way to tech your deck against specific match-ups and gain a higher win rate. It is especially interesting to look at this deck currently, as the midrange hunter deck is a


Tech Your Deck: Teching Basics

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Hi, I’m Danny Donuts, and today I would like to give a synopsis about teching in Hearthstone. With Whispers of the Old Gods released a little over two months ago, the current meta has become a bit stale. Most of the meta shifts are minor, and at this point the majority of deck innovations typically consist of only a few cards being modified. With such rigidity of the decks you will face on ladder, this is a perfect time to focus on teching your deck in order to counter your opponent and add some extra percentage points into your win rate. This is a relatively nuanced topic, and if done incorrectly can be a disadvantage. However, if you tech your match-ups correctly you can change the momentum in the game, even gaining an automatic win. What is Teching? According to the hearthstone wiki page a tech card is “a card added to a deck specifically in order to counter