Journey to Un’Goro Announced

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Glorious male specimen Game Director Ben Brode and Production Director Jason Chayes are taking us on a trip to Un’Goro Crater. Highlights: A new minion tribe of Elementals. Previously-released cards like Ragnaros and Al’Akir will be backfilled into this tribe. A new keyword and mechanic called Adapt, which lets you customize the Adapting creature. Quest cards, which will reward you for completing a quest objective like summoning X Deathrattle minions. Reveals of additional cards in the 135 card set will start on March 17th. The expansion itself will release in early April, which in turn will kick off the Year of the Mammoth. The first card announced in a rude Shaman board-clear tool: Second is a Mage legendary with a scary deathrattle mechanic that lasts throughout the game: After that, we have the reveal of the Elemental tribe, which is being backloaded onto Elemental-themed minions from prior expansions and adventures. We


PSA On Year of the Mammoth Dust Refunds

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The announcement of the Year of the Mammoth, and more specifically the announcement that six particular Classic cards will be taken out of Standard play, came along with an interesting bonus. But first, some history. In the past when a card is altered, Blizzard has offered players the ability to disenchant that card for its full dust value. On the expectation that a player might have crafted that card because of its pre-change utility, it’s an olive branch for Blizzard to say “here, you can have that dust back if you don’t want this card now that we’ve changed it, feel free to craft something else.” In their Year of the Mammoth roadmap, this practice was called out specifically: What this doesn’t specifically say is something that’s rather important: Blizzard is NOT enabling full dust refunds for these cards. Blizzard is just giving that full dust value to you AND letting


Whispers of the Old Gods Released

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The latest expansion for Hearthstone, Whispers of the Old Gods, has been released in the Americas, with a release to come tomorrow for the EU. The Year of the Kraken begins today. Keep a few things in mind: If you want to get packs for less than the normal price, check out our recent guide. And keep in mind that Blizzard is handing out a LOT of packs for free this time. Logging in during the expansion’s first week of release will net you three free packs. You’ll also get C’thun and two Beckoners of Evil for nothing. And that’s before you’re offered a quest to win two games in Standard, which will give you five free packs, AND unlocks another quest for win seven games in Standard that will reward you another five free packs. So yes, spend money to buy packs, but not as much as you have to


Classic Card Changes Incoming

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We’ve known for awhile that Team 5 was planning to attack some of the Classic cards in order to shake things up in Standard, and now we know what those changes are going to look like. Here’s the short version: Druid: Ancient of Lore allows one card draw, down from two. Druid: Force of Nature’s cost has been reduced to 5 from 6, but no longer provides Charge. However, the treants no longer die at the end of the turn. Druid: Keeper of the Grove’s health has been reduced to 2, down from 4. Neutral: Ironbeak Owl’s cost has been increased to 3, up from 2. Neutral: Big Game Hunter’s cost has been increased to 5, up from 3. Neutral: Knife Juggler’s attack has been reduced to 2, down from 3. Neutral: Leper Gnome’s attack has been reduced to 1, down from 2. Neutral: Arcane Golem’s health has been increased to

In what will likely be the final reveal of the remaining cards in the Whispers of the Old Gods expansion, Lead Designer Ben Brode and caster Frodan are going to be hosting a stream on Twitch on Thursday, April 21st at 10AM PST. In addition to showing off the rest of the set prior to the expansion’s release, it’s likely that Brode will let us in on some of the impending balance changes that will be taking place with classic cards, something that we’ve known would be taking place with the arrival of Standard play. Read the full post below.


Wild Rank To Be Visible On Friends List

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According to CM Keganbe, Blizzard is modifying their course from their original announcement of Standard and Wild, and have decided that players will have their highest rank in either mode displayed on their friends list rather than only the Standard rank. There had been some concern in the community that Wild was getting left out in the cold with the friends list seemingly emphasizing Standard ranking, and to an extent, this effort goes a long way to deflating that sense. Ultimately, this is a great quality of life change before the systems even go live, because it doesn’t hurt players who want to focus their efforts on Standard but it greatly benefits those who want to aim for the top in the more card-diverse Wild mode. Read the full forum post below.


Winter Veil Brawl Coming 12/16

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Looks like the Winter Veil shenanigans aren’t limited to a seasonal emote and some festively-decorated boards: this week’s Tavern Brawl is going to get you into the spirit too. Check out the full post below and we’ll see you in the Tavern tomorrow for eggnog (or whatever festive beverage you plan to crack over your neighbor’s head).

Soe and Frodan sat down with pro player Kripparian as well as Mike Donais and Hamilton Chu from Team 5 at the gamescom press desk and talked up the Grand Tournament. Joust Joust came from the flavor of the set. Capture the idea of knights fighting against each other. If you’re getting overrun, Joust provides an option to counter an deck heavy with small minions. Inspire Inspire focuses on emphasizing the hero and the hero powers. It incentivizes using your hero power more and you’re consequently using it more. It shifts the calculation on using hero powers vs. not using them. “Was Floating Watcher an inspiration?” Sounds like it was seeded with Inspire in mind. Q: How do you choose the characters? A: It’s fun to approach the question: it’s easy and natural to draw stuff out of the games. The Argent Tournament inspired that, but it was a dark

CM Whirthun has posted a blog covering everything that was revealed at the gamescom media briefing that wrapped up a short time ago. We can expect to hear more information over the rest of the conference, but for now, this is a good start. Highlights include the Joust mechanic, which has to be seen to be believed: In addition, eleven heretofore unseen cards from the expansion were revealed. You can see them in the post below or check them out in our rapidly-filling spoiler list. We’ll have more analysis on these cards ready to go shortly, but for now, check out the official reveals. Perhaps more importantly, The Grand Tournament will bring increased rewards for ranked play. Getting a real reason to grind up the ladder was something that players have been requesting a lot. Back in May, our writer Dannie Ray proposed some changes to the ladder reward structure. Find out how close


Tim Clark and Tom Marks over at PCGamer called in Ben Brode to reveal a new card live on Twitch today, and here’s what it is. According to Ben Brode, this card is meant to represent the baseline paladin who’d be involved in the Argent Tournament, and to a large extent he’s there to fulfill the fantasy of the Grand Tournament itself. “Mixing up keywords in interesting ways” was also a motivation behind the card. There’s definitely a sense that this is a kind of baby Argent Commander, so it’ll be certainly allow for some early game pressure. Aside from that, it’s another low-value early game drop, which seems to be par for the course with a lot of the other cards we’ve seen revealed so far for the Grand Tournament. Check out our full spoiler list for everything that’s been revealed so far.

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