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Scholomance Spoiler List

by - 6 months ago

Hearthstone’s 15th major expansion, and the second expansion of the new Year of the Phoenix, will be released on August 6, 2020!

The set features one new keyword, Spellburst, as well as dual-class cards!

  • Spellburst means that the first time you cast a spell while you have a Spellburst card in play, the Spellburst effect triggers. It’s similar to Reborn and Divine Shield in that the effect only happens once.
  • Dual-class cards are cards that can be played by either of two classes, and count as class cards for each. (Developers have already confirmed that they do not count as “another class” for purposes of the Rogue costs to Vendetta and Bazaar Burglary).

Edit: And a third, surprise mechanic, announced after the initial set announcement–Soul Fragments! Soul Fragments are specific to Warlock and Demon Hunter (it’s always those guys, isn’t it?), and they are non-collectible cards that get added into your deck by other cards within the set. They automatically Cast When Drawn to gain you 2 life, or you can use them as a resource for some of your other cards. Check out examples in the Warlock, Demon Hunter, and Warlock/Demon Hunter dual class spoilers.

Per usual, we’ve arranged the neutral cards by rarity and then by casting cost and alphabetical order. Class cards are sorted by casting cost and alphabetical order, after all neutral cards. Each class (except Demon Hunter) is going to have 6 cards that are unique to that class, 4 dual-class cards shared with one other class, and 4 other dual-class cards shared with a different class, for a total of 14 cards per class. As noted at the start of this year, Demon Hunter will get a few extra cards each set to make up for its lack of a back catalog of cards. We will try to organize things in a way that works, but may adjust things once all cards are revealed.

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Last Updated July 29, 2020

Neutral Common (19/19)

Neutral Rare (3/3)

Neutral Epic (3/3)

Neutral Legendary (5/5)

Demon Hunter (11/11)

Druid (6/6)

Hunter (6/6)

Mage (6/6)

Paladin (6/6)

Priest (6/6)

Rogue (6/6)

Shaman (6/6)

Warlock (6/6)

Warrior (6/6)

Dual-Class Cards (40/40)


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