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New Expansion Announced!: Scholomance Academy

by - 6 months ago

This morning, at 10 am Pacific, Hearthstone announced the next expansion coming to Hearthstone: Scholomance Academy!

The announcement video’s really fun and cute, so check it out here if you can:

Here are some of the highlights, if you can’t watch now:

Spellburst is a new keyword mechanic that means “the first time you play a spell while you control a Spellburst effect, activate that effect.” We got a few examples in the trailer, all of which were on minions, but it could on theory be on other types of cards as well.

They also revealed that this set will include Dual-Class cards! Each class will overlap with two others, for several cards that can be played in either class (with a bit of each’s mechanics and flavor). Here are some examples of that:

For more details on the set, as well as some other announcements and teasers, check out the official announcement blog post.

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