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Ashes of Outland Spoiler List

by - 6 months ago

Hearthstone’s 14th major expansion, and the first expansion of the new Year of the Phoenix, will be released on April 7, 2020! The set will be the first expansion to include cards from the new Demon Hunter class. Though, due to the introduction of the new class, you will also get 30 new Demon Hunter cards (10 Basic cards when you unlock the class and 20 “Initiate” cards that aren’t part of Ashes of Outlands, covered separately.

The set has two new(ish) mechanics and no new keywords. However, since the Demon Hunter-specific keyword, Outcast, is being introduced only a few days head of the set, in a set of cards that is considered part of the Year of the Phoenix, we’re adding it here, too.

  • Outcast is a Demon Hunter specific keyword mechanic that means that the card gets a bonus if cast from the leftmost or rightmost side of your hand.
  • Primes are a Legendary cycle that all non-Demon Hunter classes get. The Primes each have a Deathrattle that shuffles a more powerful version of the card into your deck (the “Prime” version).
  • Imprisoned Demons are a cycle of cards that begin Dormant (meaning they can’t do anything or be interacted with on the board) and awaken after a few turns, and have effects when they awaken.

Per usual, we’ve arranged the neutral cards by rarity and then by casting cost and alphabetical order. Class cards are sorted by casting cost and alphabetical order, after all neutral cards.

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Last Updated March 25, 2020

Neutral Common (19/19)

Neutral Rare (3/3)

Neutral Epic (3/3)

Neutral Legendary (5/5)

Demon Hunter (15/15)

Druid (10/10)

Hunter (10/10)

Mage (10/10)

Paladin (10/10)

Priest (10/10)

Rogue (10/10)

Shaman (10/10)

Warlock (10/10)

Warrior (10/10)


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