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Descent of Dragons Spoiler List

by - 8 months ago

Hearthstone’s 13th major expansion, and the final stage of the Year of the Dragon, will be released on December 10, 2019! The set will feature the standard 135 collectible cards, as well as 5 bonus Galakrond cards that will be granted to everyone at release. One of those 135 collectible cards will be the Blizzcon promotional card, which is already live for a taste ahead of the rest of the set.

The set has one new card type and one new keyword mechanic:

  • Invoke is a keyword mechanic for the League of E.V.I.L. classes similar to the C’Thun effect: every time you play an Invoke card, it upgrades your Galakrond card and it immediately activates your Galakrond’s hero power. This is one of the more complex keywords we’ve gotten, but it seems like something we’ll get a hang of quickly once we start using it.
  • Sidequests are a new card type for the League of Explorers classes, similar to Quests: you play the card, then satisfy a condition to get a reward. The key differences is that Sidequests are not Legendaries, so you can run two, and they do not start in your mulligan.

Per usual, we’ve arranged the neutral cards by rarity and then by casting cost and alphabetical order. Class cards are sorted by casting cost and alphabetical order, after all neutral cards.

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Last Updated December 3, 2019

Neutral Common (22/22)

Neutral Rare (9/9)

Neutral Epic (9/9)

Neutral Legendary (5/5)

Druid (10/10)

Hunter (10/10)

Mage (10/10)

Paladin (10/10)

Priest (11/11)

Rogue (11/11)

Shaman (11/11)

Warlock (11/11)

Warrior (11/11)


Galakrond’s Forms and Hero Powers


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