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Hearthstone: What’s Next Panel Recap, Rastakhan’s Rumble Expansion Details

by - 9 months ago

Rastakhan’s Rumble is the latest Hearthstone expansion pack and brings players the power of the Loa and their champions together in the glory of the Gurubashi Arena.

Learn more about the expansions Rastakhan’s Rumble from our earlier post. Tomorrow, we’ll learn more about new Missions at the Hearthstone panel. Pre-order the expansion at rastakhansrumble.com to start playing the Rastakhan shaman hero today.

Concept & Development

The new expansion is all about trolls during the Gurubashi Arena’s heyday. The recent launch of Battle of Azeroth brought up a lot of development for Warcraft‘s trolls, and this expansion brings that word forward and expands on it. This includes a wide variety of trolls, as well as voodoo themes, dinosaurs, and more. New troll teams, one for each of the major Loa, are themed after their Loa’s aspects.

Overkill Mechanic

Overkill is a new mechanic for Hearthstone. The mechanic allows a card to deal its displayed effect when it exceeds the amount of remaining health on an enemy’s card on kill.

Overkill hones in on the bloodthirsty ferocity of arena combat, letting players feel more powerful on attacks that would otherwise waste damage. It adds new decisions–should you make sure you have little excess damage so you can save your big attacks for another target, or focus on Overkill to proc a powerful effect?


Each of the Loa are powerful Legendaries with exceptional effects and stats. There is a team, a Loa, a champion, and a spirit power for each class, and their effects and accompanying cards work together with the Loa’s theme.

Spirit Powers

Spirits are 0-3 cards that have a 1 turn stealth phase. They grant a board effect for as long as they remain–the stealth turn virtually guarantees they’ll work for at least 1 round. There is one for each class team. Spirits and Loa combine to drastic effect, with Spirits amplifying or complimenting the effects of the Loa.


Each team gets a champion card. These are Legendary minions, with 1 as a hero card. Each team also gets seven other themed cards.

Troll Teams

There is a team of cards for each class, and each team corresponds to a Loa Legendary card, spirit cards, and a champion card. Below, we have several examples of these pairings, plus some accompanying cards. More will be revealed in the future.

Bwonsamdi’s Zombies (Priest)

The Loa of Death brings out the beastly, dark side of the trolls. His spells and minions focus on dark bargains, sacrificing minions, and zombies.

Shirvallah’s Tigers (Paladin)

Shirvallah focuses on holiness, and a divine intention. Spells focus on buffs and enchantments.

Hir’eek’s Bats (Warlock)

Hir’eek is another dark influence that focuses on sacrifices, especially of lots and lots of creatures or mana crystals to maximum effect. The idea here is that most minions can be strategically “thrown away” for huge reward, such as through Void Contract.

Gonk’s Raptors (Druid)

Gonk personifies dinosaurs: transforming into them, leaping around on them, and the ferocious intent of wild beasts.

Halazzi’s Lynxes (Hunter)

Halazzi focuses on dinosaurs, but more on swarming enemies with tons of vicious tiny minions. Zul’jin is the hero card (to be revealed later). This deck focuses on tactics, strategy, and versatility, and plays well into setting up Overkill.

Krag’wa’s Frogs (Shaman)

Krag’wa is a mixture of voodoo, spellcasting, and a crap load of frogs. The hero card, Zuntimo, polymorphs enemies into frogs and attacks with frogs. This deck also uses Rain of Frogs, which is a great set up for getting quickly to endgame in a match.

Jan’alai’s Dragonhawks (Mage)

Jan’alai compliments mages, with a huge focus on fire. Hex Lord Malacrass mimics a classic mage spell to mimic an entire starter hand.

Akali’s Rhinos (Warrior)

Akali is a brute force to be reckoned with, and the warrior’s minions focus on charging, bashing faces, plate, and bloody combat.

Gral’s Sharks (Rogue)

Gral is the shark Loa, and minions and attacks focus on pirates, “cheating,” and being sneaky.

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