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Balance Change Announcement Announcement

by - 10 months ago

This morning, Jesse Hill took the the forums to let us know that the team has decided to implement some balance changes to go live after HCT Summer Playoffs, which wrap up in a couple weeks, towards the end of May.

Originally Posted by Jesse Hill (Blue Tracker / Official Post)

In the weeks after The Witchwood, the Hearthstone team has been avidly reading your feedback and monitoring data at all levels of play. We agree with your concerns, and we’re planning some balance changes after the HCT Playoffs are finished at the end of May. We’re not quite ready to share the details, but we’ll provide an update once the specifics are finalized.

For discussions on this matter, please join the community here: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/hearthstone/topic/20763886354

Thank you for your feedback, patience, and your support.


This announcement comes fresh on the heels of Iksar’s comments this weekend, on twitter and then Reddit, in which he mentioned that the team has their eyes on a number of cards that could be problematic. According to Iksar, they are constantly (literally, as part of every work day) playing the game and assessing data to see if changes need to be made, not just when they make announcements or respond to these types of questions on twitter or Reddit.

Still, now that we know a change will be made in a month or so, it is insightful to note that Iksar specifically mentioned the following as cards they are presently looking at (though, he was careful to note they would not make changes to all the cards, just that this is the pool of cards/effects/decks they are looking at):

  • Naga Sea Witch (Undecided as to whether they will change cost or design.)
  • Sunkeeper Tarim
  • Call to Arms
  • Baku Paladin Hero Power (In another post, he mentioned three possible nerfs being considered: 1) making the Silver Hand Recruit a 2/2 instead of summoning two 1/1s; 2) making it summon a 2/2 that is not a Silver Hand Recruit; or, 3) making it summon two 1/1s  that aren’t Silver Hand Recruits. They would also have to decide if they should change Justicar Truehart to match whatever change they make.)
    Author’s note: since Odd Paladin is presently only the third best Paladin deck, I personally believe they might be considering this because they are considering making Call to Arms or Tarim cost 1 more and they fear bumping one or both of them up–with or without a Warlock nerf–would make Odd Paladin too strong.
  • Spiteful Summoner
  • Possessed Lackey
  • Bloodreaver Gul’dan
  • Dark Pact
  • Kobold Librarian
  • Quest Rogue (it is slightly in the air what this means, but he said in another comment in the thread that it would “probably” be the Quest itself)
  • Doomguard

Notably missing from the list is Barnes, who Wild players have been asking for a change to for some time, but who the team believes is not a problematic enough card to make the list.

It looks like we are quickly approaching the point at which they’ll be done narrowing down this round of balance changes, so if you have feedback, now is the time! What do you think of the list they are looking at?


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