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To Dust or Not to Dust: Should I Craft ‘X’ Legendary?

by - 1 year ago

As we begin our exploration deep into the Catacombs, the first month of the new expansion is sure to bring about new fun and flashy deck archetypes (Spell Hunter may surprise us yet!). However, with the addition of legendary weapons, players have another expensive resource to consider when choosing a deck to play.

How do you know if it’s worth crafting a specific legendary for the latest trending deck? Trying to answer this question is always difficult for the average spending Hearthstone player—someone who spends money on card packs but does not spend enough money to own a complete collection.

Asking yourself some simple questions can help with this this decision and make your Hearthstone priorities clear. I recently asked myself this question as I debated on crafting Prince Keleseth for Tempo Rogue. In addition to the deck being strong, I have over 300 ranked wins on Rogue, so could definitely benefit from crafting card.

Despite my personal reasons for justifying why I should craft Keleseth, I was still hesitant. In order make my decision, I asked myself these questions to help line up my in-game priorities:

  1. How much dust do I currently have?
  2. How much money do I need to spend on card packs to get 1600 dust?
  3. Will I have to dust golden cards to help reach 1600 dust?
  4. What am I currently playing, and is that deck helping me reach my season goal?
  5. Do I want to learn this deck archetype?
  6. Will this legendary be useful in upcoming expansions?

When I answered all of these, I discovered that my answer was no, I do not want to craft Prince Keleseth. At the time, I had essentially 0 dust and crafting Keleseth required me to drop more money than I’d prefer. I also like my golden cards, and I try to avoid dusting them unless absolutely necessary.

Additionally, I recently bought extra packs so I could craft 2 Ultimate Infestations and Malfurion the Pestilent. With only 50 ranked wins on Druid, the Frozen Throne meta (pre-Innervate nerf) was the perfect time to learn Druid. As much as it felt like I was backstabbing Valeera, I couldn’t justify spending all of those resources over learning a new class and play style.

It is worth noting that trying to figure out whether or not a card will be useful in the future is hard to predict. Personally, I take a wait-and-see approach. I used the same method with Ragnaros the Lightlord when Control Paladin was popular and, at the time, I was close to my golden Paladin portrait. I never ended up crafting him because he was only used in that specific deck, and I wasn’t interested in playing Control Paladin. Eventually, Control Paladin phased out and the meta shifted back to Midrange Paladin, which is my preferred Paladin play style.

These questions really helped put my current Hearthstone priorities into perspective, and hopefully they help you in deciding whether or not to craft a current meta legendary too!

Alexandra Cata

Alexandra "Virasera" Cata has played Hearthstone since Goblins vs Gnomes. She loves Tempo Mage and misses the Sorry emote. She also enjoys being support/tank main in Overwatch, leveling alts in WoW, and playing RPGs. Professionally, she is a technical writer and is also an aspiring academic.

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