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Naxx is Out! Pack Upgrades to All Sets go Live Ahead of Schedule

by - 2 years ago

Good news, everyone! All Wild sets are now re-available for purchase through the Blizzard store! As predicted, all Blizzard-store purchases use real-life currencies, instead of giving the option in-game gold.

On top of that, the pack upgrades that were previously scheduled to go live when Knights of the Frozen Throne did are now here ahead of schedule! You can now feel safe to open up packs that you have been hoarding, and will not run the risk of duplicate legendaries or more than a playset of a given card in any one pack. Additionally, if you had not yet opened any packs from a set, you can now get a guaranteed legendary within the first 10 packs of that set!

Check out the official announcement, below, then let yourself GO WILD.

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment (Blue Tracker / Official Post)

In our previous blog, we mentioned that we wanted to improve your card pack opening experience by removing the possibility of opening a duplicate Legendary until you own all Legendary cards of a given set. We also touched on the other card pack improvement of never being able to open more than two copies of a single card in a single pack. Both changes were slated to go live with the official launch of Knights of the Frozen Throne in August.

We have some good news! All card pack changes that were mentioned in this blog are NOW LIVE! We decided to have this feature go live as soon as possible so you could continue to flesh out your collection before Knights of the Frozen Throne goes live.

Return to the Wild!

Wild sets are once again available to purchase in the Blizzard shop! Click the link below to see the Expansions and Adventures that are now a part of Wild.


Unsure about the differences between Wild and Standard Hearthstone sets? Check out our A Year of Mammoth Proportions blog for what you need to know about the 2017 Hearthstone Year and the sets available for play.

Share your craziest Wild experiences and Legendary card openings in the comments below!

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