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Hearthside Chat with Dave Kosak and New Paladin Hero: Young Prince Arthas

by - 3 years ago

Yesterday Blizzard released a short video in which, Dave Kosak, Lead Mission Designer–stolen from the WoW side of things, discussed the Knights of the Frozen Throne free mission content. He also spoiled a few cards from the set, which we’ve already featured in our Day 4 Spoiler Roundup and Running Complete Spoiler List. Here are some highlights:

  • They initially wrote jokes to make the Lich King more “Hearthstony,” like they wrote Kel’Thuzad in Curse of Naxxramus, but they felt it did not resonate well with his character, so instead they wrote him to break the fourth wall and talk to players about the fact that he is playing Hearthstone.
  • Kosak also highlighted some of the ways that they made the Lich King fight special for each class, namely: against Mages, you start at one health; against Paladins, perhaps the hardest challenge, all your minions return to the board under his control when they die.
  • Players who defeat the Lich King with all nine classes will receive the special alternative Paladin hero, Young Prince Arthas (before he became the Lich King).
  • Astute observers also noticed a yet-to-be-spoiled 5 mana Hunter Rare in the video (at 1:47), but we could not see its other stats or any abilities it might have.

Check out the entire blue post, including the video itself, below, and let us know if you’ll be going after the Young Prince Arthas Hero in the comments.

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Join Hearthstone Designer Dave Kosak as he discusses what awaits you in the free Missions coming with Knights of the Frozen Throne – and reveals some all-new cards in the process!

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