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Knights of the Frozen Throne Spoiler List

by - 2 years ago

Hearthstone’s 6th major expansion is coming August 10th and will 135 collective cards. As cards get revealed we will add them to the spoiler list until we have a full collection. We’ve arranged them by rarity and then by casting cost and alphabetical order. Class cards are sorted after neutral.

Much like Un’Goro, each class will have 2 legendary cards (1 hero card and then another class legendary).

For an evaluational view on the cards check out the Frozen Throne Power Rankings.

Revealed: 135/135

Last Updated August 7, 2017

Neutral Common (22/22)

Neutral Rare (9/9)


Neutral Epic (9/9)

Neutral Legendary (5/5)

Druid (10/10)

Hunter (10/10)

Mage (10/10)

Paladin (10/10)

Priest (10/10)

Rogue (10/10)

Shaman (10/10)

Warlock (10/10)

Warrior (10/10)

Death Knight Cards (Pulled from The Lich King and Arfus – Non Collectible)

Tokens (Non Collectible)

JR Cook

JR has been writing for fan sites since 2000 and has been doing Blizzard Exclusive fansites since 2003. He helped co-found BlizzPro in 2013. You can hear JR every week talk about Hearthstone on the Well Met Podcast published on iTunes.

18 responses to “Knights of the Frozen Throne Spoiler List”

  1. Omni-Gamer says:

    Still to expensive for f2p

  2. [transfer student] says:

    Ok, the other guy’s grammar failed. But his point still remains.
    “Still too expensive for playing competitively without investing money.”
    We get just 1 quest per day which is way too little… This is the only mobile game with such underwhelming rewards.

    • Eldorian says:

      I agree the rewards in the game aren’t enough (but are getting better) but I don’t agree that the game is too expensive to play competitively. I know many legend level players who are F2P.

    • TheTapDancer says:

      Having played Duelyst, where you get more than one quest per day, I can say I stopped playing the game because of the stress that extra playing burden played.
      Some of us really hate skipping quests. Maybe it would be good if they made the quests give 10 more gold but I’d hate two per day with a limit of three.

    • JaeSin Moogster Miller says:

      Stop complaining, Hearthstone is f2p look at Disguised Toast guide on how to make a f2p account. it can be done

    • That Psycho Path says:

      Practice arena, if you get good at it you can get infinite gold, end of story, after a while you net so much gold you never have to stop doing arenas, as of now, if I got unlucky and went 0/3 5 times in a row, I could still keep going with no threat of having to stop

    • Opinionated says:

      It definitely is not, though i understand why it can seem that way from a new player perspective. You can make like 350G a week through quests average, Free Tavern Bawl packs, Monthly Bonus Chest, and new expansion promotions all are great boosts for F2P players who play consistently. If you can get good at Drafting, Arena practically pays for itself and is a HUGE collection building resource. Not to mention that there are now guaranteed Legendarily in your first 10 packs of a set, Fire Festival Double Gold? Ice Festival extra Arena wins? best time to be F2P.

  3. Joseph says:

    Not looking forward to discard warlock continuing to get pushed…

  4. Pally says:

    Has anyone considered just putting money into the game? lol

  5. Opinionated says:

    90/135 Cards revealed , and only 10 new Deathrattle minions so far, not including a few Deathrattle thematic cards. So much for bringing Deathrattle back in a big way unless they’re holding out on all the good ones till last.

    • Eldorian says:

      Blizzard never said Deathrattle was going to come back in a big way. In fact they said it wouldn’t be as big as Curse of Naxxramas. This is roughly about what was expected.

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