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Un’Goro Legendaries Crafting Guide

by - 1 year ago


A lot of you might have noticed that we had little content over the last few weeks. We are not hiding under a rock though! In the background, we prepare a lot of new features to make your experience with the Hearthstone site of BlizzPro even better. With this post, we are getting back to normal in releasing content frequently.

Today I will talk to you about Legendary cards in the new Un’Goro expansion. They are expensive, and therefore a lot of you are looking to optimize their investment by only crafting the most necessary ones. This article should give you three main informations:

  • a ranking of Legendaries according to playability and viability
  • which Legendaries are essential for the meta decks
  • what are possible replacements

For the first time in Hearthstone history, as you all most likely know, there are also Legendary spells in the game besides minions. A total of 23 Legendary cards were introduced with the actual expansion, whereas 18 were class cards (1 spell and 1 minion each) and 5 neutral ones. In my Un’Goro Buyer’s Guide I postulated that about 45% of the Leggies would be necessary to build all meta relevant decks. Did I hold true or were I far off with this prediction as a lot of people on the Hearthstone Subreddit suggested. I will categorize the cards in the following three categories.

  • Essentials: necessary for the top tier decks
  • Nice to Have: not necessary for a lot of decks but still viable
  • Trash: Not good in the actual meta or not viable overall

I will try to be hard in my evaluations to give even the more casual players a list they might be able to complete over time. Ok, without further ado, lets head into it!


Out of the Quests, Warrior and Rogue are the best, and these two are dominating the ladder. Paladin has risen over the last two weeks to be the third force, and Sunkeeper Tarim is present in all variations (Aggro, Midrange, and Control). Sherazim, Corpse Flower is a staple in Miracle Rogue but not present in the Quest Rogue archetype and therefore less important. Lyra the Sunshard is a must in all but some Dragon Priest. Kalimos is the best stand-alone Legendary minions, but Shaman is not top tier at the moment.

TLDR: First row Tier 1, second row Tier 1.5.

Nice to Have

The Mage quest is good but not broken. The top tier Mage decks, Freeze Mage and Burn Mage, even do not utilize it. The same is true for Unite the Murlocs. Awaken the Makers is not meta viable at the moment but I think there might be a viable deck still to be discovered for this quest. The best card in this tier might be Elise the Trailblazer which is borderline essential for Lyra Priest decks. Hemet, Jungle Hunter is a fun tech card but the worst out of these five.

TLDR: If you have all cards of the Essentials, Elise the Trailblazer is the first to craft out of this category.


These cards did not find a home in the actual meta to make them worth crafting. The biggest disappointments were Clutchmother Zavas, Lakkari Sacrifice, and The Marsh Queen. Swamp King Dred is good but just too slow for any of the viable Hunter archetypes. Same is true for Spiritsinger Umbra. The rest is just bad so far and most likely will not be good in the future.


6/23 (26%) Legendaries are considered essentials which would consume 9600 dust to craft which is a lot for new players. Te good thing is, to be able to compete on the ladder, you would need just one, maybe two Legendaries to complete a good deck and not multiple ones. This makes the whole matter much more affordable. To build ALL meta relevant decks, 11/23 (48%) Legendaries are the maximum needed. This shows that my prediction of 45% wasn’t far fetched at all when evaluating the state of the meta end of Season 37.

I hope this guide helped you to prioritize Legendary crafting. If you have any comments, please share below or tweet @OtakuMZ and @BlizzPro.


Martin "OtakuMZ" Z.

Real life physician and afterhour card battler. Martin "OtakuMZ" contributes to the Hearthstone team of BlizzPro since late 2015. Additionally, he contributes analytic articles for Hearthstone and Gwent as a member of Fade2Karma and in his collumn on the Gwentlemen site. He is best known for his infographics which can be accessed at a glance at https://www.facebook.com/hsinfographics and https://www.facebook.com/gwentinfographics