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Well Met! Podcast Ep. 104: Every card is better with Taunt.

by - 2 years ago

Well Met! As always, your hosts John, J.R., and Tannon get together every week to discuss all things Hearthstone – news, esports, and more. We look forward to producing a show that keeps you up to speed on all the biggest things happening in Hearthstone, its awesome communities, and its incredible tournaments. Join us live on Monday evenings for the video stream, or download the audio podcast on Tuesdays!


This week on Well Met!:

  • We are joined by Sam Benson (@ben_samson & kcfiresides.com)
  • The crew discusses the “Duplicate Crisis.”
  • The Hearthstone Global Games begin this week.
  • We introduce a new segment called “Gain or Entertain?” In this segment, we take a deck that’s designed to be competitive or designed to be entertaining and run down its notable cards, mulligans, matchups, and other strategies to help players be better (or have more fun) on ladder! This week, we discuss Cavern Rogue submitted on Reddit by /u/gaRG56daYT65UT.
  • Lastly, we discuss the new Fireside Gatherings client features with Innkeeper Sam Benson to get a better knowledge and understanding of it’s capabilities.

No YouTube Video this week due to some capture issues.

Much of what we’re able to do on the show is made possible by the generous support of our Patrons over on Patreon. You can check out our live streams and other BlizzPro shows on Twitch, hit up our subreddit, or even pick up your own cool Well Met merchandise.

As always, special thanks to our Friends of the Show – Albert T, TheRealBen, Correl, and Viriatus – as well as Jake Butineau for our incredible music.

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John is a full-time podcaster and livestreamer who has been making Overwatch and Hearthstone content for 3 years.

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