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Dissecting E. Malone’s Journal #2

by - 1 year ago


E. Malone is getting insights of his second week of his adventures in Un’Goro Crater. Again, we, hsdecktech and I, OtakuMZ will try to unravel the secrets hidden in his journal. If you missed the first part of this series, you can find it here. The video we saw right before this journal got released is tied to these pages. Our analysis to the “Wonders of Un’Goro” #1 and the vid itself can be found here. Maybe there is more crazy stuff like Beast in Paladin buried in these journal pages below? But first, here read for yourself:

Day 8?

Another mention of these storms with green and blue lightning that we already saw in the Doyle video. The huge flash at the end seemed to teleport part of the expedition to another place. This could a) lead to another Shaman associated AoE but this would result in the fourth one (two big, two small) with Lightning Storm, Maelstrom Portal and Volcano already in the game. Could this be the new focus of Shaman being a heavy AoE control class? Or it may be b), an AoE Moat Lurker- like effect that temporarily removes minions and make them appear again later.

Plants are described again, this time being poisonous, this could either hint a emphasis on the new venomous attribute, a debuff mechanic or maybe even a new DOT (damage over time) effect. Exciting!

Day 9 Probably

Our young adventurer refers to Elise Starseeker, so no hint to the exact new Elise card name yet.

The second character is Prof. George H. Doyle the IV. He is the main character of this episode as he had already been in the Wonders of UG video. We think he could also be a card against the previous speculation that he is only a side-lane character to have a starting point of the story. From the descriptions so far he is imaginable as a Millhouse Manastorm- like character with a heavy downside of a forefront overstated or powerful character.

There is also talk about a compass and the G.G.P.S., both not working hinting to magnetic fields that leaves the devices malfunctioning. If both or either one are tied to cards is not sure as of now.

Day 10-ish

Further references to plants with an emphasis on HUGE. This could mean that the plant minions include 7+ mana ones. Likely there are Druid minions in this category because of the tree reference.

Day 13

More details about the natives of Un’Goro Crater

  • Hideous lizard people robbed all of the expedition’s provisions. Are they tied to Rogue and the Burgle mechanic or maybe even Priest and the Thoughtsteal effect?
  • Turtle people seem are a patient folk, this could mean that they have effects which are “at the start of your turn” or “at the end of your turn”. It could also mean that they have the Grimy Goons effects attached, which needs indeed patience until it pays off. The turtle-(wo)men where already mentioned by Yong Woo in The Angry Chicken Podcast (TAC).

Again, there is a voting at the end whether to trust the turtle people or not (click screenshot to go directly to the voting in the article).

Last thoughts

There are some interesting questions raised in the newest journal of our young filmmaker. The most elusive is the compass and G.G.P.S. thing. Maybe it is a hint to a new quest. In the last article, the hint was more outright with naming Galvadon directly. We are sure we will find out soon™…


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