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Questions Arising After Un’Goro Announcement (Update)

by - 1 year ago

As with every announcement, afterward a lot of questions are left open and we have a huge room for speculations. I will ask a lot of them and I hope I can also provide at least some answers. If there are no answers yet, I will dive deep into speculation and tell you what I think would be best or most fun. So let’s talk about Journey to Un’Goro (JtUG)…

Update March 3rd, 2017:
I added some Elementals I forgot and another question in the Quest category.

Q: What are Quests?
A: Quests are 1-mana spells that once included in your deck will always be in your opening hand. They are Legendary Spells that once cast will need a high requirement to being accomplished. If you manage to finish the quest, you will get an awesome reward.

Q: Will every class get a Quest?
A: Mike Donais already answered this one in an interview with Shaun “Hazard” Anschutz of TempoStorm. The answer is yes. Mike compared the design of the Quest with the Old Gods (C’Thun, N’Zoth, Y’Sharaaj and Yogg-Saron), despite with Quests this time they are nine cards instead of four.

Q: Quests are displayed like secrets, are they handled similarly?
A: Yes and no. On the one hand, a Quest takes up one of the five Secret slots. On the contrary, there can only be one quest active per player at the time.

Q: What about Quests in Arena?
A: Quests cannot be drafted in Arena and neither can they be obtained through Discover.

Q: Elementals seem to be a Shaman thing because they have all class elementals besides Water Elemental from Mage. Will there be anything else surrounding Elementals?
A: Yes, it seems there is a lot more going on with elementals than just making old ones Elementals. We already saw Pyrus, the new Mage card being an Elemental. Also in the post mentioned above, Mike hints that a lot is going on with elementals in JtUG. I can imagine similar things as there were with Mechs and Dragons in the past but I am sure Team 5 has something new and exciting, maybe even explosive or electrical up their sleeve.

Q: What old cards will become “Elemental“?
A: First, here the obvious:

  • Neutral (6): Magma Rager, Ice Rager, Am’gam Rager, Frost Elemental, Baron Gheddon, Ragnaros the Firelord
    Class (6 9): Paladin:Ragnaros Lightlord. Water Elemental (Mage). Fireguard Destroyer, Fire Elemental, Unbound Elemental, Rumbling Elemental, Earth Elemental, Dust Devil and Al’Akir Windlord (Shaman)
    Not sure (5): Shadow Rager, Ancient Shade, Shifting Shade, Shade of Naxxramas, Volcanic Lumberer

Q: Are all dinosaurs Beasts?
A: There is no official answer to that, but so far, e.g. Bloodfen Raptor was. I expect that the dinosaurs will indeed be all Beasts. This might get exciting for Hunters. I will not tackle Beast Druid as the hopes were crushed multiple times already.

Q: What is Adapt?
A: Adapt is a new keyword like Battlecry. It works similar to discover and will get you three options out of a total of 10. The options are displayed below.


Q: Will every class get Adapt?
A: Nothing official here, but I think so – although the Adapt keyword seems more fitting to several classes, front and foremost Druid. I expect to see more of them in Druid and maybe Hunter and Shaman.

Q: Are there Adapt spells?
A: Most likely. Mike hinted in the above-mentioned interview, that Adapt would not only be a Battlecry effect but tied to other things.

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