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Ben Brode’s Rap Song

by - 1 year ago

Ben Brode: Hearthstone game director, flannel mogul, and rap star?

This morning, after some pressure from Reddit, Ben Brode uploaded a rap song to his Youtube account. Brode wrote, recorded, and mixed the song late at night, in the hallway of what appears to be a swanky Craftsman-style new-build home, most likely his own. Brode is a documented hip-hop fan, having previously written and rapped a song about his friends getting married (or something, I don’t remember exactly and couldn’t find the link because Google is now flooded with this newer rap). This morning’s song explores the recently-announced upcoming Hearthstone expansion, Journey to Un’Goro. In it, Brode highlights elementals, dangerous plants, and his frank self-doubt, all to a catchy tune. The video has since taken the Hearthstone and Reddit communities by storm (already becoming the new number one Reddit post of all time and spawning remixes, covers, and at least one rap-battle challenge). If you haven’t heard it yet, or just want another dose of straight fire, check it out:

(Video link)

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