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Journey to Un’Goro Announced

by - 6 months ago

Glorious male specimen Game Director Ben Brode and Production Director Jason Chayes are taking us on a trip to Un’Goro Crater.


  • A new minion tribe of Elementals. Previously-released cards like Ragnaros and Al’Akir will be backfilled into this tribe.
  • A new keyword and mechanic called Adapt, which lets you customize the Adapting creature.
  • Quest cards, which will reward you for completing a quest objective like summoning X Deathrattle minions.
  • Reveals of additional cards in the 135 card set will start on March 17th.
  • The expansion itself will release in early April, which in turn will kick off the Year of the Mammoth.

The first card announced in a rude Shaman board-clear tool:

Second is a Mage legendary with a scary deathrattle mechanic that lasts throughout the game:

After that, we have the reveal of the Elemental tribe, which is being backloaded onto Elemental-themed minions from prior expansions and adventures.

We also have the first reveal of the new keyword being introduced in this expansion: Adapt. When a creature triggers Adapt, the player is offered three out of ten upgrade options (of which we knows six) that will apply different abilities to the creature. Anything from adding a taunt to spawning additional minions as a deathrattle.


Also new: Quest cards. Quests will give you a requirement for playing certain cards, and upon completion will give you a new card or effect. Quests will sit on your character similar to secrets, but your opponent will be able to see the Quest in order to know what they’re up against, and if the initial example is any indication, they promise to be very powerful.

More information is definitely in the offing for this expansion and we’ll have it here for you (as well as our traditional card spoiler list) as soon as we can. Stay tuned.

Crow Tomkus


3 responses to “Journey to Un’Goro Announced”

  1. Paul Pogo says:

    Relative noob. Do we know (or can guess) on what the expansion will cost and if gold is an option?

    • Altharos says:

      From what I understood it’s just a normal expansion like mean streets. They said they would only release content like that, no more adventures.

    • Eldorian says:

      It will be roughly 130 card set, much the same way Mean Streets of Gadgetzan is. This is the way it will be moving forward as they are getting rid of adventure expansions as we knew them (instead the single player content will be baked into the expansion, starting with the one after this one).

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