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Well Met! Podcast Ep. 98: Year of the Mammoth

by - 1 year ago

Well Met! As always, your hosts John, J.R., and Tannon get together every week to discuss all things Hearthstone – news, esports, and more. We look forward to producing a show that keeps you up to speed on all the biggest things happening in Hearthstone, its awesome communities, and its incredible tournaments. Join us live on Sunday evenings for the video stream, or download the audio podcast on Mondays!

This week on Well Met!:

  • Okay, here’s the deal. We spent the entire podcast discussing the new changes with the Year of the Mammoth. Here’s the blog post.
  • However, that means we forgot to spend some time on some important details like ranked floors. Our bad. We’ll get to it next week, we promise.
  • Congrats to Dr. Jikinink for winning the NA Winter Playoffs this weekend.

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As always, special thanks to our Friends of the Show – Albert T, TheRealBen, and Correl – as well as Jake Butineau for our incredible music.

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John Horstmann

John is a full-time podcaster and livestreamer who has been making Overwatch and Hearthstone content for 3 years.