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January 2017 Arena Rankings

by - 1 year ago

This morning, Blizzard published a list of the top 100 arena players in each server during the course of the month of January, 2017. The players were ranked by average number of wins over a minimum of 30 arena runs.

Unsurprisingly, longtime arena-aficionado and streamer “Kripparrian” topped the NA rankings with an average of 7.78 wins over his 37 runs. Other notable professional arena-streamers Hafu and Merps also made the list (at ranks 30 and 90, respectively). Self-proclaimed Chinese arena fangroup, “Meow,” also made a big mark on the NA rankings, taking 13 of the top 100 spots.

The player with the highest average number of wins (an astounding 9.32!) was the aptly-named EU champion, “twlevewins.” Twelvewins also took rank 48 on the NA server with 6.76 wins per run, indicating that either EU arena is a lot easier and/or he started a new account on EU and benefited from the arena new-player-safety-net (source video).

The most prolific player was “Zeal,” from the Asia server, who played an almost-literally-insane 132 runs over the course of the month, with an average just over 6 wins each (for a total of 1,192 arena games during the month, or approximately 38.5 per day).

For those looking to get on the list next month, Asia had the lowest threshold number of wins with “just” 5.9.

The all three lists can be found here (links to the Asia and European lists are beneath the Americas list).

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