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Ben Brode on the Pirate Problem, Nerfs, and More

by - 1 year ago

PC Gamer  recently sat down with Ben Brode following last week’s livestream Q&A. The conversation focused heavily on possible nerfs and rotations related to pirates and the upcoming standard rotation. Here are some highlights from the interview:

  • Of the “pirate package” cards, it is Small-Time Buccaneer, not Patches, that is the problem.
  • The team prefers to announce nerfs a short time before the nerfs go live, even if the nerf is decided a week or two prior.
  • However, there are currently no plans to nerf either Small-Time Buccaneer or Patches. Brode does not even know what a Small-Time Buccaneer nerf would look like.
  • Brode prefers nerfs that minimally change the card text, but that do not confuse players who are used to playing the former versions. Hence, he likes changing the “big numbers” on cards, such as the mana cost.
  • In response to Brian Kibler’s video-response to Ben Brode and Dean “Iksar” Ayala’s Q&A (Kibler’s video here), Brode does not believe that low-cost weapons are necessaily problematic for the game.
  • The team did not intend for One Night in Karazhan to make the dominant Shaman archetypes even stronger; it is happier with Wicked Witchdoctor than Spirit Claws.
  • Brode does not directly respond to a question about whether there will be more tri-class cards, but does emphasize that the tri-class cards were meant to emphasize the “flavor” of Mean Streets of Gadgetzan.
  • Brode emphasized that the Grimy Goons handbuff mechanic can get stronger with the introduction of more cards, even if those cards do not directly or obviously relate to the effect.
  • Brode has no announcement related to whether we will next get an expansion or an adventure.

The entire interview, including discussions about C’Thun, Jade Golem, and removing cards from standard, can be found here.

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