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Celebrating Diablo’s 20th Anniversary in a Tavern Brawl

by - 2 years ago

If you want a pretty sweet looking Diablo themed card back, then you need to hop on and try out this week’s Tavern Brawl.

This is a vs. AI tavern brawl this week where you will be creating a deck and playing against The Dark Wanderer. He will start the game with 3 various secrets. His hero power will summon a random imp.

If you reveal all 3 secrets, the secret cow level event will begin. The Dark Wanderer will change into the Cow King and has a hero power of “Whenever a Hell Bovine Dies, Draw a Card”.

You can get the card back without popping the 3 secrets and winning the game, but what’s the fun of that?

List of secrets:

  • Visions of the Assassin: When your opponent summons a minion with Stealth, All minions equip a dagger
  • Visions of the Barbarian: When your opponent summons a minion with Charge, THUNDER FURY!
  • Visions of Hate: When both heroes have 15 or less Health, BRAWL!
  • Visions of the Crusader: When your opponent summons a minion with Taunt, change all minions’ attacks to 1.
  • Visions of Valor: When your opponent summons a Legendary minion, give all minions Windfury.
  • Visions of Fate: When your opponent takes lethal damage… save him.
  • Visions of the Amazon: When your opponent summons a minion with Battlecry, Summon a Mirror Image for both players.
  • Visions of the Sorcerer: When your opponent summons a minion with Spell Damage, Summon 2 Guardians.
  • Visions of the Necromancer: When your opponent summons a minion with Deathrattle, destroy it.
  • Visions of Knowledge: When your opponent’s hand has 9 or more cards, reduce the cost of all cards in both hands to (1).

FYI, I used a Reno Mage deck to beat this brawl. Being able to do AOE (and saving it for the Cow King) while dealing damage, protecting your board, and popping Reno Jackson off to heal fully is a pretty easy way to pull off a victory. You’ll want to try and get at least 1 minion with stealth, charge, taunt, battlecry, spell damage, and death rattle in it for the highest chance of popping the 3 secrets.

Originally Posted by Avarius (Official Post)

The Dark Wanderer has ventured into the Tavern with mysterious purpose and presence. There’s much at stake in this week’s all-new Tavern Brawl — do you have the cunning and guile to unveil the Dark Wanderer’s secrets?

Diablo 20th Anniversary - Tavern Brawl Card Back

Unravel the secrets surrounding the Dark Wanderer in this week’s Tavern Brawl!

Defeat the Dark Wanderer and you’ll receive a special card back commemorating 20 years of Diablo!

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