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Hearthstone 2017 Wishlist

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On December 27th, August Dean Ayala (@IksarHS) tweeted the following:

Before I continue with my personal wishlist for hearthstone, there is one thing I wish of you readers. I only begun writing content for the Hearthstone community one year ago. My first article was published on December 21th, the Dark Peddler Infographic. Now, after almost 150 articles, which sum up to 2+ articles a week, there is one thing I personally wish for most in 2017 is feedback from you. As a content creator who, I spend as much time writing about the game as actually playing it. Therefore, feddback from you is the most important thing to not get stuck in my own world. In the end, I do this for you and to getting connected with the community is the best way to know what you want. This is why I heavily encourage you to write me some short words once in a while that I know what you think about my articles. I does not matter if you agree or disagree, share your thoughts!

Ok, with this out of the way, let’s head back to Iksar and give him some feedback about the game we love to make it even better in 2017…


2017 Wishlist

I will not repeat in detail what everybody has already pledged for the whole year. I will rather list the points I find particularly relevant here:

  • Improvement of Spectator mode
  • Tournament mode
  • Sealed game mode
  • Arena overhaul
  • ability to reconstruct Arena decks for Arena tournaments
  • guilds and guild rewards/quests
  • golden cards for Arena: I really liked the idea of Noxious in his wishlist video, he proposed to make all cards golden you hit 12 wins with
  • more achievements to incentivize experimenting / fun play
  • something after 500 wins with a class
  • Classic set rotations (in and out) of some cards each year
  • more stats and stat tracking

Now, let’s move on to my own thoughts. I am almost certain that other community members already worded similar ideas but I hope to have my personal spin on them and I do not intently copy already published ideas here.

Legendary Spells
We all love those dragon bordered minions with crazy effect. How about spells that are equally powerful and limited to one copy? I do not remember when, but Fullas already imagined some of them.

iOS Deck and Stat Tracker (Wish for 3rd party developers)
I love Hearthstone Deck Tracker and Track-o-Bot on PC.  You play and do not have to worry about getting the data in. A second benefit is, that you can contribute the data of your games to the different meta sites like the Vicious Syndicate. Anyway, I for the most part, mostly play HS on my iPad mini. If you are enjoying Hearthstone on an iOS device, this is different. After each game, you have to enter the data manually and there is the lost benefit of being able to review every step of your games. Track-o-Bot already has a companion app on the iPhone/iPad that a least works and synchronizes data, but its functionality is very limited. Please get something done in this department. The live deck tracking part is not so crucial in my opinion and I think creating that on mobile is almost impossible.

Deck Slots
18 deck slots, come on? I think there are a lot of people like me that enjoy trying out new lists or different variants of one particular archetype. In this case, 18 decks tend to fill up quickly.

Cards Releases and Changes in Between Sets
Take the actual meta as an example, Hunter and Paladin are in a rough spot. This problem could be fixed with minor adjustments. Adding an early Hunter weapon of the type of Glaivezooka and Rexxar would be in a decent spot as many believe. Why wait for the Spring Expansion until this change and not introducing an additional card immediately?

Replay mode
This is a concept I wanted to write an article about for a long time. Was there a game that you did want to play again because you would to see what happens if you did play out one turn differently? This could be achieved in a Replay mode. You would get the exact same draws, same RNG, same everything but could play your turns in another way. I imagine a second style of this mode where you could select famous games played by pros to replay them with your friends. You think you could have won against Pavel in HCT 2016 Finals? Try it for yourself! Replays could be provided through a community platform or could be selected by Blizzard from recent events, maybe rotating on a regular basis. This would solve two problems at once. Newer players could play popular pro decks without possessing all the expensive Legendaries and the enthusiast players could match their skills and replay scenarios to improve their tournament decision making.

Pro Client
Hearthstone wants to be newcomer-friendly and easy to pick up – I totally understand that. Because of that, I would love to see a second game client being introduced. One like we know it today that is simple and easy to start enjoying the game and a second for all of us that are heavily invested in the game. This could be a ‘Pro Client’ which offers more functionality for users that get not confused because they know the game inside out. I would propose to limit this client to accounts with players that have at least 2-3 classes above level 40 or something like that. It could have all the neat additional game modes, sandboxes and whatever feature we are discussing on the 2017 wishlist without impairing the newcomer experience.

Closing 2016

Alright my friends, this will be my last post for 2016 and I would be happy if you continue reading my content in the years to come – and comment on it! I wish you all a happy new (Hearthstone) year 2017!


Martin ‘OtakuMZ’


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