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Well Met! Podcast Ep. 88: Mean Streets of Fireside Gatherings

by - 2 years ago

Well Met! As always, your hosts John, J.R., and Kevin get together every week to discuss all things Hearthstone – news, esports, and more. We look forward to producing a show that keeps you up to speed on all the biggest things happening in Hearthstone, its awesome communities, and its incredible tournaments. Join us live on Sunday evenings for the video stream, or download the audio podcast on Mondays!

This week on Well Met!:

  • Mean Streets of Gadgetzan has officially launched!
  • There was an early bug with pack openings that allowed tri-class cards to show up more often.
  • The crew discusses the new Gadgetzan Meta.
  • Lastly, the Well Met! team discusses Fireside Gatherings with Sam Benson (@ben_samson)

We want to thank Sam for coming on the show! Make sure to check out kcfiresides.com and follow them on Twitter @kcfiresides.

Much of what we’re able to do on the show is made possible by the generous support of our Patrons over on Patreon. You can check out our live streams and other BlizzPro shows on Twitch, hit up our subreddit, or even pick up your own cool Well Met merchandise.

As always, special thanks to our Friends of the Show – Albert T, TheRealBen, and Correl – as well as Jake Butineau for our incredible intro and outro and Dredscythe for our graphic design work.

Stay connected with us! We love answering your e-mails, chatting with you on Twitter (John, J.R., Kevin), and seeing those 5-star iTunes reviews.

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John Horstmann

John is a full-time podcaster and livestreamer who has been making Overwatch and Hearthstone content for 3 years.

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