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Mean Streets of Gadgetzan: The Early Meta Deck Lists

by - 2 years ago

Mean Streets of Gadgetzan is just a couple days old and like any expansion release, we’re seeing a hectic meta as people start testing out decks to see what works and what doesn’t. Also like every collectible card game in existence with a new expansion, aggro takes the early lead as people take advantage of experimentation for quick and easy wins. Aggro Pirate Warrior is such a deck that should be popular toward the beginning, but I’m not sure will have any staying power.

Jade Golem Druid is a very popular pick as well and as people continue to experiment with it, it’s possible it could be a top tier meta deck for the next year – especially in any meta that you can easily control the late game.

Other popular decks have been Reno/Kazakus versions for Priest, Dragon Priest, Reno style Mage, and Reno style Warlock. With Kabal focusing on the singleton format it’s no surprise these decks are currently seeing a lot of play.

As for Grimy Goons, right now it appears that Paladin is the go to class for them. It seems it might be the weaker of the 3 factions so far though. I did have a lot of fun playing a Grimy Goons version of a Murloc Paladin though!

You can check out all the deck lists below – try them out and let me know what you think. These are all decks I have played the last couple of days.


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