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Hearthstone Priest Extravaganza With Our Favorite Streamers

by - 2 years ago

Priest is not top tier, that’s common knowledge at the moment. Anduin and Tyrande suffer from being too reactive rather than proactive. Nevertheless, Priest is one of the most interesting class mechanic-wise (tinkers around with the opponent’s cards). Rogue, the other class taht uses a similar mechanic, is very heavy on the RNG side of stealing opponent’s card whereas Priest interacts a lot more directly with the opponent’s deck. Therefore it is skill intensive, but yet more reliable than the burgle mechanic. I enjoy playing Priest despite it being rated low tier. Maybe you will appreciate that too by watching some “Hearthstone Priest Extravaganza”!

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Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainement (Official Post)

Hearthstone Priest Extravaganza

To celebrate the announcement of Twitch’s newest service (Twitch Prime) and Hearthstone’s newest hero (Tyrande Whisperwind), Twitch has lined up some of your favorite Twitch Partners to play a variety of different Hearthstone exhibitions!

Each week in October, members of the Hearthstone community will be pairing up for some exciting Hearthstone fun. Tune into the respective channels of these players as they battle it out in different modes throughout the month.

For the first week, there will be two awesome match-ups between a pair of community streamers and a pair of competitive Hearthstone players. On 10/05 at 2pm PDT, join Hafu and Chessdude, as they take on the Arena with Co-Op Arena runs. On 10/07 at 2pm PST, we’ve got Trump and Vlps facing off in Priest-Deck Conquest matches.

Week One Date Time (PDT) Channel
ItsHafu x Chessdude


2pm – 4pm


TrumpSC x Vlps


2pm – 4pm


Week Two Date Time (PDT) Channel
nl_Kripp x Thijs


11pm – 1am


Amaz x Amnesiac


4pm – 6pm


Week Three Date Time (PDT) Channel
Geek and Sundry


1pm – 3pm


Geek and Sundry


12pm – 2pm


Week Four Date Time (PDT) Channel


9am – 11am




2pm – 4pm


For those of you who want to add Tyrande to your collection, it’s easy to get started! Twitch has added a brand new subscription service, called Twitch Prime. If you are eligible for Amazon Prime, you can link your Twitch Prime account to your Amazon Prime account. You too can harness the Light of Elune as well as unlocking all sorts of free digital content. Head over to our blog about Tyrande to learn more!

*Twitch Prime is available to all Amazon Prime members including Amazon Student, and is available to customers in the United States, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, and Austria.

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