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Deck of the Week: C’Thun Warrior (by F2K Deniasaur)

by - 2 years ago

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Written by @F2K_Deniasaur


I had a lot of success with this deck last season, and I have learnt a lot about it through playing it. I feel that the meta has shifted towards more aggro decks so the Doomsayer + Elise Starseeker version has become a better choice.  Also, many players in warrior mirrors have figured out that playing around Doomcaller is the best choice of action by using the Sylvanas play.

Card discussions

2x Execute: needed to remove minions

2x Shield Slam: removal, works very well with Shield Block and Shieldbearers to remove minions

2x Fiery War Axe: ggainst aggro removes early game minions and doesn’t let opponent build up a board.

1x Slam: used for card draw, to proc executes and remove early game minions.

1x Beckoner of Evil: early game good against aggro, buffs C’Thun.

2x Shield Block: gain armour when needed to use with Shield Slams, draws card.

1x Acolyte of Pain: extra card draw

1x Brann Bronzebeard: used for combos with Shieldbearers, Twin Emperor, Ravaging Ghoul and Doomcaller against control decks.

2x Disciple of C’Thun: early game minion, can also be used to proc executes and buffs C’Thun.

2x Ravaging Ghoul: early game minion, good against aggro because of the whirlwind effect, good against control to proc executes.

2x C’Thun’s Chosen: great 4 drop, buffs C’Thun and is difficult to deal with because of the divine shield.

2x Brawl: used to clear the board, mainly against Zoo and Shamans.

1x Harrison Jones: weapon removal against shamans and warriors.

1x Emperor Thaurissan: good 6 drop, should be used to combo Doomcaller and Brann against control matchups.

1x Justicar Trueheart: good in all matchups, helps you gain more armour.

1x Sylvanas Windrunner: in C’Thun matchups should be saved to steal opponent’s C’Thun so they cannot doomcaller.

1x Gorehowl: great weapon.

2x Ancient Shieldbearer: adds survivability to the deck.

1x Twin Emperor Vek’lor: good against all classes.

1x Doomcaller: gives an advantage in control matchups, usually combo’d with brann.

1x C’Thun: usually the win condition for the deck.


Always mulligan for Fiery War Axe, Beckoner of Evil and Disciple of C’Thun against all classes. Keep C’Thun’s Chosen against all control matchups and if you have the coin keep against midrange. Ravaging Ghoul is also kept in starting hand against all classes apart from rogue and priest.


Shaman (slightly unfavoured matchup): Execute should be kept in this matchup to remove Flamewreathed Faceless, hard mulligan for Axe. If you have the removal in hand keep Harrison. Win condition is to transition into your 7 drops and outvalue them.

Warlock (slightly unfavoured matchup): Hard mulligan for Axe, Slam, Beckoner and Disciple and Ravaging Ghoul. Win condition for this matchup is to clear opponent’s board and build your own board.

Mage (favoured matchup): Hard mulligan for Axe, Slam, Beckoner and Disciple. With coin keep C’Thun’s Chosen. Win condition is to answer to their early game and build up armour to out value their damage.

Priest (even matchup): Hard mulligan for Axe, Slam, Beckoner, Disciple and C’Thun’s Chosen. Your win condition is to be the aggressor in this matchup. Against dragon priest the win condition is to outvalue them.

Rogue (favoured matchup): Hard mulligan for Axe, Beckoner and C’Thun’s Chosen. The win condition for this matchup is to be aggressive and to try to kill them mid game as they have very low heal.

Hunter (unfavoured matchup): Hard mulligan for Axe, Slam, Disciple, Beckoner and if you have the coin, keep C’Thun’s Chosen. Win condition is to try contest the board against them and to deal damage to them.

Warrior (slightly favoured matchup): Hard mulligan for Axe, Beckoner, Disciple of C’Thun and C’Thun’s Chosen. Win condition against control is to steal the opponents C’Thun using Sylvanas + Shield Block + Shield Slam Combo so they cannot Doomcaller to gain another. Win condition against tempo warrior is to clear their board.

Paladin (favoured matchup): Mulligan for Axe, Slam, Beckoner, Disciple of C’Thun and Ravaging Ghoul. Win condition is stall time till you can play late-game minions.

Druid (slightly favoured): Mulligan for Axe, Beckoner, Disciple  and C’Thun’s Chosen. The win condition in this matchup is to reach late-game and outvalue them.

Tech choices

This deck does not have room for many tech choices, the only real tech choice is to run Elise instead of a Doomcaller, and instead of Acolyte and Harrison you run 2 Doomsayers. This change is better against Zoo’s and shamans, it does not have a big impact on midrange and most control matchups but this makes warrior matchups more difficult as you need to Sylvanas, shield block then shield slam to take their C’thun.

(With the Elise list, always keep Doomsayers in hand as they are playable early-game and sometimes mid-game, otherwise recycled by Elise!)

Last thoughts

This is a very steady deck in the meta right now as it does well against most matchups. It is a deck that requires decision making, such as not putting yourself in a position you are forced to use brawl if you have the option to use a different line of play. You have to save resources in order to use them when there is no other option. If you have any questions about this deck feel free to message me on twitter (@F2K_Deniasaur).

C'Thun Warrior 1 C'Thun Warrior 2

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