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Malkorok Infographic (Standard – Kraken)

by - 2 years ago

Welcome to my newest infographic! Just to remind you, this infographic is meant for Standard play mode only. The evaluation of weapons might be wrong under certain circumstances but I think they are a good approximation. I compared it to another evaluation from a post  by Tamarin24 in the CompetitiveHS subreddit and I saw that I agreed with him (or her) almost 100%. I adopted from him the even worse rating for Cursed Blade in a separate “CURSED!” category.

In general, Malkorok is a really straight forward warrior legendary with the battlecry to gain a weapon. His stats, 6 attack and 5 health, are subpar for a seven mana minion but the battlecry can give you the opportunity to interact with the board immediately or push for damage. The question at hand is: HOW good is the battlecry?

Details will be shown in the infographic but to give you a short summary, the battlecry is favorable in 75% of the outcomes. It has only a 5% chance to negatively impact your game, namely when Cursed Blade is equipped. It is especially devastating when you are either low on health or without taunt minions to protect you. The remaining 15-20% are bad to mediocre results, with the above mentioned possible exception of Poisoned Blade.

There are a few weapons, that can be more situational than the rest and therefore possibly rateed differently depending the situation. To keep the rating simply, I rated them in one of the 4 categories and did not create another. Those weapons are: Sword of Justice, Poisoned Blade, Charged Hammer and Tentacles of Arms.

Sword_of_Justice PoisonedBladecharged-hammer5-Tentacles for Arms

Poisoned Blade can be indeed quite good, given the right circumstances, normally enough time to build it up. The latter might be truer, if Malkorok is played in a control style deck, rather than in Tempo Warrior, where it is primarily used. Sword of Justice will more likely shine in a minion heavy deck and is less effective, when you play just one big bomb after another. Charged Hammer can backfire if you play the fatigue game but is noramlly good. Tentacles of Arms, puh, I try to like this weapon, but sometimes it is hard. In the end it may be more times good than not – I also might be wrong on that last argument. 😕

As I said, this card is really straight forward and not to complicated, therefore we will hop directly to the infographic. As always comments are heavily appreciated, either below or via tweet @OtakuMZ1978.

Good luck, no Cursed Blades and have fun!

Malkorok Infographic

OtakuMz Hogger Tempo Warrior

Martin "OtakuMZ" Z.

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