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How to Buy Whispers of the Old Gods Packs Cheaper Than Anywhere Else

by - 2 years ago

Amazon is currently offering up to 15% off on Amazon coin.

If you’re looking at buying Whispers of the Old Gods packs with real money, this is easily the best deal to get the most packs for your money. I use it for every expansion and have saved a lot of money myself by using this method.

  • 10,000 coins when all spent on packs including the coin back will net you 87 packs for $90 ($1.03 per pack)
  • 50,000 coins when all spent on packs will net you 500 packs for $425 (85 cents per pack).
  • Cheapest you can get them straight from Blizzard is around $1.17 per pack.

There are a few quirks to doing this. You have to use an Android mobile device or use an Android emulator (good tutorial here on how to use one). Using an Android emulator is 100% safe to use and is not against Blizzard’s ToS.

  • Step 1: Buy Amazon Coins here
  • Step 2: Download Amazon App on your Android Phone
  • Step 3: Download Hearthstone using the Amazon app on your phone
  • Step 4: Open Hearthstone
  • Step 5: Go to the shop
  • Step 6: Purchase Hearthstone packs – it will give you the option to purchase with your coins. This is ONLY available if you are using the Hearthstone app you got from the Amazon app.

If you happen to live outside of the US, you can change your country to USA to buy them.

Full disclosure: By using the links above, they are affiliate links. So BlizzPro would receive 10% of whatever you purchase. Honestly, this is one of the best ways to support us at no additional cost to you– we’ve been able to buy better equipment, pay for better hosting/web server, and even send out a camera crew to BlizzCon this year due to you guys buying Amazon Coins for Hearthstone. So if you’re going to purchase Hearthstone packs and adventure modes with real money, why not do it through these links we provided for Amazon Coins? It makes it cheaper for you and helps us out as well! Every penny we make goes right back into investing in the website.

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