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Last Christmas – A Secret Paladin Deck Guide Before Standard Comes out (by F2K_GameKing)

by - 1 year ago

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Written by @F2K_GameKing


Last games before standard format

With the new standard format coming up soon, we will no longer be able to enjoy the Secret-Paladin-Deck. It has been a very powerful deck over a long time and will move to the graveyard with the new format. Let’s take a last view over it, and build some Christmas trees out there.


The Decklist



  • Always keep: Secretkeeper, Knife Juggler, Shielded Minibot, Muster for Battle
  • vs Druid keep: Haunted Creeper,
  • vs Hunter keep: Haunted Creeper,
  • vs Paladin keep: Haunted Creeper,
  • vs Mage keep: Haunted Creeper,
  • vs Priest keep: Keeper of Uldaman
  • vs Rogue keep: Haunted Creeper,
  • vs Shaman keep: Haunted Creeper,
  • vs Warlock keep: Haunted Creeper,
  • vs Warrior keep: Haunted Creeper, Piloted Shredder

Keep Avenge and Noble Sacrifice together with Secretkeeper. Also keep Piloted Shredder with a good cureve already in hand. Keep Mysterious Challenger only with already some early game in hand and vs slow classes.

Some thoughts on some cards

 Secretkeeper: Reminds me of the old Undertaker. Great synergy with your secrets. Keep Avenge and Noble Sacrifice with it in your starting hand.
Argent Protector: Not that often played in Secret-Paladin. You can get insane value when buffing for example Loatheb and trading into your opponents 5/5. You can also look at it, as your 3rd Shielded Minibot in some cases.
Coghammer: Same as Argent Protector, but you may have to gamble if you have more than 1 minion on the board. The 2/3 weapon removes most dangerous minions like Kinifejuggler.
Divine Favor: Can help you when you run out of cards, which can happen when draw a lot of your secrets. Especially good versus decks like Renolock.
Blessing of Kings: Get great value when buffing your Divine Shield minions.
Keeper of Uldaman: Works fine together with Muster for Battle or other 1/1s. Helps you to get rid of Dr. Boom or other big minions.
Mysterious Challenger: Your key-card. Play it as early as possible, so you don’t draw into your secrets. Enjoy the full Christmas tree! 😀




Replace Loatheb with Sludge Belcher.

A good replacement for Dr. Boom or Tirion Fordring is Ragnaros the Firelord.



You can win versus every deck, but in general your good matchups are: Druid, Zoo, Renolock, Control Warrior and other Paladins.

Your bad matchups are: Frezzemage, Priest and Grumm Patron Warrior.


Finishing words

I hope you liked my guide and you can get some wins with this deck on the ladder. For more, follow me at twitter or twitch.

Martin Zeile