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Whispers of the Old Gods Spoiler Card List

by - 1 year ago

Looking for our Power Rankings on this set? Find those out here.

Hearthstone’s third major expansion is expected to be late April or early May and has 134 collectible cards. As cards get revealed we will add them to this spoiler list until we have the full collection. We’ve arranged them by rarity and then by casting cost and alphabetical order with the class cards being afterwards.

NOTE: Will add the non collectible tokens later today (sorry still at work).

Revealed 134/134

Last Updated April 21, 2016

Neutral Common (23/23)

Neutral Rare (9/9)

Neutral Epic (9/9)

Neutral Legendary (12/12)


Druid (9/9)


Hunter (9/9)

Mage (9/9)

Paladin (9/9)


Priest (9/9)


Rogue (9/9)

Shaman (9/9)

Warlock (9/9)

Warrior (9/9)

Toxins (Non Collectible)

Non Collectible Tokens

Classic Nerfs (12/12)

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JR Cook

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164 responses to “Whispers of the Old Gods Spoiler Card List”

  1. minddrifter says:

    Thanks for this list! I’ll probably check it about 300 times a day, lol.

    • BoxcarJack says:

      im thinking C’Thun Rouge with gang ups and alexdraza xD, essentially a Rouge version of freeze mage running a sort of mill rogue core maybe? idk, there is a lot of planning to be done and its still to early to start deck building around any of this T-T i cant wait to see what else this set brings though

  2. Zoram Mercado says:

    That Hogger seems a lot better … lol but imagine it in warrior..
    bye bye secret paladin

  3. Darius Rudominer says:

    Maybe I’m wrong but that druid card seems a bit insane. Like all it would take is for them to add a one drop that buffs your c’thun and you could go 1-drop 2-drop 3-drop into basically a max-health twilight drake after playing for tempo, and worst case its a yeti in a world without piloted shredder.

    • Ardanaz says:

      Yeah, even without the battlecry, it’s still a solid card. I wonder how good it will be.

      • likegodzzila says:

        It will just be a yeti, I highly doubt that your C’thun will ever get 10/10 that consistently, and since we already have 2 yetis, I don’t think it’s the third that’s going to push it into “insane”

        • Xavier McKinney says:

          10 attack happens in two support cards. I’d imagine that we’ll see even more solid support cards that come down on 2 or 3, making him a 4/10 consistantly, and aside from that, yeti is good enough to see standard play baring a ridiculous 4 drop, and yeti with upside seems like a good place to be

        • Ardanaz says:

          I think there’s a fairly decent chance of getting C’Thun to 10+ attack. Even if this card doesn’t end up working in constructed, it’s a great arena card.

  4. Thrull says:

    So are we just geting C’thun in this or are they just showing his support first?

  5. LegendaryWealth says:

    Rogue Card: Forbidden Looting: Spend all your mana. Draw that many cards. Deal that much damage to your hero.

  6. Bige Boiy says:

    here’s hoping it’s not a full cycle of “forbidden” spells

  7. Rune Ivø says:

    what i would love to know is:
    if you play standard, can Forbidden shaping give you creatures from wild?

  8. Brilliam Freeman says:

    I’m intrigued by this Hallazael card. Image using with aoe spell like say, elemental destruction? Could this mean that if the destruction hit with no spell boosts, say 6 targets, including Hallazeal itself, does it mean Hallazeal heals you for 4-5 for each, with total from 24 to 30 hp healed!? That’s madness!! 😀 The amount of turn around it could make. Even Lighting Storm with no boosts can heal quite lot, with say, 4 targets (and only enemies), it heals from 8 to 12,which is not bad.

    And don’t get me started on Malygos Shamans 😀

  9. Bige Boiy says:

    New shaman card revealed: Forbidden Balance.
    0: Spend all your mana. You lose the game. Overload 10.

    • Darden Carpico says:

      SOOOOOO “Original” I doubt they get one

    • James Livingston says:

      I dont think this card is as bad as everyone is making it out to be. I run a midrange shaman at rank 23 and i find lots of success on it. Forbidden healing has great synergy with emperor and the two mana shaman spell that breaks your overload. If you can get two emp procs you can break all 10 overload stacks, making the card very worth playing in my opinion.

  10. Ardanaz says:

    N’zoth looks like an amazing card. Sucks that most of the really good deathrattle cards are rotating out though. Still seems awesome to play it and fill the board back up with minions.

    • Ben Valentine says:

      As if we didnt already need reasons to play Sylvanas! There are still enough strong deathrattle cards that im convinced he will be really strong, but i have yet to play with him… He is currently my #1 craft 🙂

  11. Leonardo Caetano Gomide says:

    Am I going to be able to finish naxx when it rotates out?

    • BoxcarJack says:

      if you already have one wing of it than yes, although when it rotates out you will be able to craft the cards from the expansion with dust like regular, you will also be able to disenchant any cards you have from the expansion as well

  12. Coranna says:

    OMG the warrior card is soooooooooo bad

    • Ardanaz says:

      Yeah, it looks pretty horrible to me too. Even with upgrade it seems like garbage. It’s so slow.

      • Darius Rudominer says:

        Might be, but I think the intention is for this to come in in the super late game or even fatigue when your gonna be going heropower/pass a lot. I could see it being good then cause it’s a repeatable source of damage that doesn’t cost a card.

        • Ardanaz says:

          Guess that’s true. I hope the meta slows down enough for it.

          • Rune Ivø says:

            you could play it same turn you play your golden monkey, this way you would turn the rest of your cards into legendarys and stil have a weapon for the rest of your game.

      • LordAidan says:

        It’s like Dreadsteed, an infinite value card, however, unlike Dreadsteed, there’s no combo to produce more of it. Still, we have no clue how slow the metagame will be, there’s a small chance of the card being somewhat viable, if the meta supports it, but at the moment, it seems quite bad.

  13. MHRathalos says:

    as if miracle rouge needs more tools.. these toxin cards will be a great addition, cheap spells for gadgetzan and also not as useless as spare parts.

  14. Scoops says:

    If you add up the amount of cards that this says are going to be in each section (such as 9 cards in each class) it adds up to 133 cards, Blizzard said there would be 134.

    • Eldorian says:

      Yes, I realize this. These are estimated numbers with obviously one other card fitting elsewhere (like when TGT had 2 hunter legendary cards).

  15. Gorlokk says:

    Why Ragnaros is a lightlord? how in hell did he turned from firelord to lightlord?

    • Eldorian says:


    • LordAidan says:

      Ragnaros and the other elemental lords were once enslaved by the old gods before the Titans arrived and shaped the world. Now, with the old gods returning, Ragnaros has become “un-corrupted” and is now seeking vengeance Agnaist his former masters, leading the charge as a paladin.

  16. Katanis says:

    The hunter Infest seems broken. New Starving Buzzard. Uleash the hounds combo.

    • Ardanaz says:

      Seems like a strong combo yeah, but drawing random beasts isn’t as good as drawing cards.

      • Justin Chance Allen says:

        You’re right, @disqus_sDahcadCWM:disqus , it’s better!

        • Ardanaz says:

          You think so? 😉

          • Justin Chance Allen says:


            I’m a huge fan of card draw that doesn’t deck you for when games go long. Getting a bunch of creatures is good for pressure. Especially if you luck out and get King Krush and it’s not like any of the beasts are so terrible as to be not worth playing, even the random 2 drop 3/2 and 2/3’s

          • Ardanaz says:

            I agree that that is good for the long games that go into fatigue, but I have yet to see a hunter deck going into fatigue (at least not often). Control hunter hasn’t ever been a thing. I hope it will become a thing with this expansion though 🙂

    • James Livingston says:

      I look at it as a better ball of spiders.

  17. Bige Boiy says:

    where all the shaman cards at?

  18. LordAidan says:

    Steward of darkshire……..


  19. argados says:

    Imagine scaled nightmare with rogue and stealth and cold blood and shit

  20. Николай Антонов says:

    Another good murlock for paladin. Looks like someone in blizzad likes to play murladin. XD

  21. James Livingston says:

    Wow showing shaman some love. The taunt and 4/5 are both great cards.

  22. Николай Антонов says:

    Guys, what do you think about Cabalist`s tome? My first impressions was “wow, greate card”. But on the second thought i`m not sure will it be usefull, or to slow due to 5 cost.

    • Dottore2k says:

      I think its a playable card since you get three cards for 5 mana, just like the druid spell. Nevertheless it brings some random efect to the game. I could think of replacing 1 arcane intelligence with this in decks that run 2 copies.

      • Николай Антонов says:

        Well that`s the case, we don`t see mach use of druid`s 3 card`s for 5 mana aren`t we. 😉

      • James Livingston says:

        I think its too slow. No deck has the time to pay 5 to not effect the board. On top of that most decks running lots of card draw are searching for cards in their deck, not 3 random mage spells. Bad in constructed. Playable in arena though. Not amazing, but extra steam is always good in arena.

  23. Andrew Philip Santana says:

    Keeper of the Swamp nice! Druid love!

    • James Livingston says:

      That is an amazing ramp card. Innervate into it on turn two is rampant growth plus an above curve body. Rampant growth turn 2 into it on tun 3 and you have a body plus 6 mana turn 4. Draw it in the late game and you can choose to instead get two bodies, which is great for buff synergies and combo. 8/10 card will run 2 in every druid deck

  24. Roberto Treviño Salinas says:

    Hola molly awsome shaman cards for mid range and epic contacto ol for paladín

  25. Николай Антонов says:

    Wow, that shaman hummer looks awesome.

  26. James Livingston says:

    New biggest creature boys

    • Ardanaz says:

      Wish it had charge or something though T_T
      It’s too hard to pull off in my opinion.

      • Scoops says:

        It wouldn’t matter if it had charge since it’s summoned at the end of your turn.

      • Stephen Corwin says:

        Not too crazy difficult.

        The new priest card Herald Volazj would summon a 1/1 copy of the blood. End of turn, it would still merge. 😛

        2 card combo: Blood + Faceless manipulator
        2 card Priest combo: Blood + Herald Volazj
        3 card Shaman combo: Blood + Ancestral Recall + Reincarnate


        • James Livingston says:

          Thes are all greater than 10 mana plays. Whic means you need to play a vanilla 9/9 for 9 mana, your entire turn, which is bad. Then it needs to survive an entire turn which is unlikely against most meta decks. Then you need to invest even more into the combo by placing another card just to copy the 9/9, not helping you with your opponents board at all, which is bad. Then you cant attack when it transforms which is bad. Now it needs to survive your opponents turn AGAIN, through hex, polymorph, execute, shadow word death, entomb, equality, doom, etc etc etc. which is unlikely. Now it finally comes back to your turn when you can attack and theres a taunt in the way. Not to mention your opponent has been hitting you in the face with proactive cards. You have 5 life and die the next turn. 0/10 constructed combo

        • Ardanaz says:

          Like James said, it’s just too hard to make it work. Takes too much mana and time. There are way too many answers for this combo. I hope there will be something in the expansion that can actually make it work, but I remain skeptical.

      • Darius Rudominer says:

        Honestly I think it would only be slightly playable even with charge. Best combo I’ve seen is emperor on a ancestral + reincarnate + blood, which is a 3 card emperor combo. Malygos mage does 26 damage with a 3 card emperor combo, and can go up to 32 with another card. This one has the advantage of sticking around if it fails while the other one can go through taunt. I’d say they’re about the same power level except blood has to run more jank and is in shaman, and malymage is not competitive right now. I think it’s a shame it doesn’t have charge honestly, since it would be a cool finisher for a control shaman.

        (Edit before anyone points it out, malymage is actually 4-5 cards since I wasn’t counting maly himself. That would make this combo better, but it would still be in control shaman so I think it’s balanced)

  27. LordAidan says:

    Blood of the ancient one…



    • Jasperrr says:

      Dont think that will work, since it will take the 2 Blood’s and make a Ancient one when your turn ends, and the conceal wont be on the Ancient one :C

      • LordAidan says:

        You play blood of the ancient one, then conceal it, the only answer to this would be brawl, DOOM!, twisting nether, deadly shot, ect…. Next turn, you play the second blood of the ancient one, they merge, and conceal that cuz why not, and win unless your opponent has a taunt.

        • James Livingston says:

          You cant conceal the 30/30 because it happens at the end of your turn. Not a good card

          • LordAidan says:

            Yeah I realised that, another combo could be with a Thuarsan discount, in wild, go blood, ancestral spirit, re-incarnate. I don’t think this cards will see competive play, but the point of it is a fun combo

          • James Livingston says:

            Oh that ones much. better. Possible even

  28. Юра Нарин says:

    30/30, holy shit!

  29. Николай Антонов says:

    That call of the wild looks so greate. 10/10 in summary with superb abilities for 8 mana. 0_0

    • Ardanaz says:

      Definitely a fun and seemingly strong card. 5/4 taunt to protect yourself and the rest of your board + 5/2 charge for some instant damage and a 2/4 that boosts any other minions you might have. Seems like a good card to me 🙂

  30. James Livingston says:

    Im confused on yogg. It could be terrible or op as fuck. If it casts one spell out of all the spells you have cast, it sucks. If it casts a random spell out of all the spells in the game, and does this X amount of times, where X is the amount of spells you have played this game, holy shit thats crazy.

    • Николай Антонов says:

      It realy sucks, because random target fire ball may hit youre face. XD

      • James Livingston says:

        Thats true but if you drop it with more targets on their side it should be fine most of the time, and thats how hearthstone works. Also a lot of spells dont just do direct damage, they are just good and dont target. Like the cabalist tome or force of nature

        • Николай Антонов says:

          There is one more problem. You need to play a lot of spells before playing it. So it will be control deck. And in that case, enemy wont have much standing on the board to be targeted. You allso wont have much on youre side to be powered.

    • Darius Rudominer says:

      I thought it was terrible, but theres this simulator for the card which, if it is to be believed, shows that the end result of this card is usually a full board clear and then equipping 6 secrets and maybe getting some tokens. Sometimes you end up with an insane board, and only very does it actually put you behind on the board. Weirdly, I think the result is more favorable with a comparatively small number of spells, as with the really big numbers it goes more consistently to just nothing on the board.


      • James Livingston says:

        This sim is pretty great. It does seem like a favorable card most of the time. I think it often leaves you heavily overloaded the net turn though

      • Brilliam Freeman says:

        I tried one scenario on it, where I had 5 health and 2 armor, and opponent had 10 health. Minions were the same basic ones used for the sim, expect I only had spider tank and I added 7/7 minion to opponent
        One hilarious result was summoning 1/1 wisp for me, brawling out all but that wisp, buffing that wisp to ridiculous levels (from 1/1 to 10/10) aaand fire ball to the face im dead X,D

  31. Николай Антонов says:

    Why do they hate warlocks so much? Not a single good card so far. 🙁

    • James Livingston says:

      I would argue that doom is an extremely viable card as a one-of in control warlock deck. And in reno lock everything is a one-of, so yah. Destroy an oppressive field and refill your hand? Yes please. Also we still have 5 cards to go and warlock is already in a strong place anywhere

      • Николай Антонов says:

        Playing control deck you whould like to have youre minions on the field, aren`t you? And renolocks have nearly full hand most of the time, additional cards will burn. I won`t say it`s ussles card, but i doubt it will fit in many decks.

        • James Livingston says:

          You would like to have creatures on the field, but against many matchups you are forced to play defensively just to not die. Say against combo druid, later in the game you have to do everything in your power to keep their board presence low. Say they have a leftover keeper of the grove and they drop an azure drake into druid of the claw. Thats a fairly difficult field to remove, you would probably have to blow shadow flame and a big creature if you even have it. Doom would take thrm all out and draw you three, so as long as you had 7 or less cards before casting doom you wont overdraw, which is extremely realistic. Now you have more answers for their next play and can probably start to pull ahead.

          • Николай Антонов says:

            It all sounds good, but it`s just to slow. 10 mana is too much. Many games end before you`ll have that mana. And enemy will still have the initiative, becouse you`ll spend all mana in one blow and won`t be able to play a cretures. 🙁

          • James Livingston says:

            Reno lock makes it to 10 mana all the time, especially in standard when the meta will slow, you joking?

          • Николай Антонов says:

            Well, may be you are right, and i am to sceptic about this card. But i`m still have doubts.

  32. Bige Boiy says:

    Cho’Gall is a good card. Playing a 7/7 and a removal spell on turn 7 will win games. I’m not going as far as to say he’s the new boom, but he’s very close.

    • Николай Антонов says:

      It very strongly depends on the board situation. You need to A)Have good spell in youre hand. B)Have a good target for this spell on the board. C)Have enough health to survive after using it. And we all know that warlock often have a little heals due to life tap.

    • Eldorian says:

      I feel the only good card with Cho’Gall is Siphon Soul. I’m not sure if that alone will justify playing what amounts to a War Golem.

      • Bige Boiy says:

        He doesn’t need to play a very strong spell to be amazing tempo. He’s a big on-curve minion that you can play on the same turn as Demonwrath, Bane of Doom, Shadowbolt, etc. With BGH almost definitely out of the picture, Cho’gall will see heavy play for sure.

  33. Anthimos Papadopoulos says:

    Is Cho Gall as broken as it seems? Turn 7 Cho Gall, then pay 9 life to play Lord Jaraxus and go back to 15 life seems op.
    By the way, anyone knows if we play Lord Jaraxus with less than 9 life using to pay 9 life, do we lose the game instantly? Or we go to negative temporary and then health is fixed at 15?

    • Николай Антонов says:

      LOL, you can play only SPELLS.

    • Евгений Зыскин says:

      Read the card. It says “spell”. Jaraxxus is not a spell.

    • Rune Ivø says:

      it only says spell, but i dont think you can play spells that cost more then you have, the same way with mana.

      • Brilliam Freeman says:

        of course you can play spells that normally costs more mana than you have. You play them with health, not mana.
        The effect of Cho’Gall might essentially be: “make first spell you play cost (0). You lose health equal to the cost reduced.”

  34. James Livingston says:

    There no way soggoth doesnt see play. A huge taunt that has to be killed by creatures? This is a godsend to every midrange deck

  35. Bige Boiy says:

    Possessed Villiager and Cthun’s Servant are going to keep Zoo alive.

  36. Bige Boiy says:

    It’s going to feel pretty bad crafting Soggoth, but he’s going to be really good, albeit pretty bland. Definitely a staple for slower midrange or reno decks.

  37. Darius Rudominer says:

    Do you ever run possessed villager over an argent squire? Cause except for explicit death rattle synergy, for which this seems like a really minor payoff card, it’s just strictly worse in every case I can think of.

    • James Livingston says:

      Only if you want to run both!

    • Ardanaz says:

      It’s good with Power overwhelming though. You still get the 1/1 in the end. I’m sure there are more good synergies.

    • Bige Boiy says:

      as far as I’m aware, unless you’re playing blood knight in a zoo deck, the only upside to argent squire is resistance to shadow madness or enemy knife juggler triggers on your turn (through snake trap, haunted creeper, etc). Meanwhile, Possessed Villiager has better synergy with power overwhelming and is more resistant to nondamage removal (shadow words pain + horror, twisting nether).

  38. Sir Eklz Of Englewood says:

    Wirlwind warrior will see monumetal benefits with tentacle of n’zoth and blood warriors

  39. James Livingston says:

    Embrace the shadows is not bad. Aukenai is mostly used for circle combo anyways, so you can pay two less for it now and run more in your deck. Helps burn priest out a bit too, if that becomes a thing

  40. Николай Антонов says:

    New deathwing is so cool. Much better then half of the gods. XD

  41. Katanis says:

    Deathwing, wtf?

  42. LegendaryWealth says:

    Faceless Summoner seems extremely pushed, especially for a common. Compare it to cards like Grand Crusader, and Ancient of Lore.

    • Ardanaz says:

      Yeah, looks really strong! Insane in arena

      • LegendaryWealth says:

        Yes, pit fighter and boulderfist ogre are considered top tier neutral commons and this is just clearly a higher power level than those. And even in constructed this will get played despite having no obvious synergies, it’s almost a guaranteed two-for-one.

  43. Bige Boiy says:

    loving servant of RNGsus

  44. James Livingston says:

    I dont know if you noticed but the link to power rankings of cards is a link back to this page.

  45. George King says:

    So many faceless things. I really like the theme and idea of this set

  46. Bige Boiy says:

    New Hunter lego seems a little bland, but good. Really like the Druid C’thun taunt.

  47. James Livingston says:

    Holy shit shifter zerus. Hes so fucking cute. Just look at him. Too bad you will rarely see him since he shapeshifts away

    • Jeroen xbl says:

      I’m wondering, does this cards also triggers it’s ability when you’ve just drawn him? If so, the card will be much better!

      • James Livingston says:

        I think the answer is yes. Who knows with hearthstone though? My guess is based on the randomonium tavern brawl, where it says that “every turn” your cards get random mana costs. That included cards you just drew, so since the wording is the same on shifter i can assume he works the same.

      • Eldorian says:

        It does not trigger when you draw him. He’ll be a 1/1.

  48. James Livingston says:

    Am’Gam rager…. Someone at blizzard is a memer.

  49. LordAidan says:

    Expansion HYPE!!!

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