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Well Met! Episode 42: Happy New Year!

by - 4 years ago

Happy New Year, and WELL MET! Join John, J.R., and Kevin every week and listen in as they discuss strategy, competitive play, card & deck analysis, and more! This podcast is produced to help players up their game in Hearthstone, keep up with the tournament scene, and have some fun along the way. We record live every Sunday evening and release our audio podcast the following Monday!


What an incredible week, as we take on our 42nd episode and our second (calendar) year putting the show together for you all!

We’re starting the year off strong! Well Met! was featured on HearthstonePlayers.com by Halfbroke Chris as one of his Top Hearthstone Podcasts of 2015!

If that wasn’t enough, we were also featured on Realm Maintenance’s Yearly Maintenance as well!

Here’s what’s new for Well Met in 2016:

  • Streaming! We’re going to do more Hearthstone gameplay streaming, including one hour of all three of us playing together every Sunday after we record the show. You can also find us doing more personal streaming – including maybe some Patron coaching – as well!
  • More guests! We’ve got Jocelyn Moffett coming to join us on January 17, and other guests in discussions to join us in the upcoming weeks. We’d love your feedback on who you’d like to see come on the show, how often guests would be interesting to you, and what your thoughts are on how to best include them in our little podcast.
  • Patreon! In the next week or so, we’ll be doing our final 2015 Patreon rewards before changing the program for 2016. We’re offering some cool new rewards, as well as some old favourites – and we’re officially over the hump for new voicework with the new reward levels and some new Christmastime supporters!

You’ll also learn about Pity Timers in Hearthstone, hear us talk about the 2015 cards of the year, and spend a surprising amount of time digging into a reader e-mail about the Hearthstone Olympics this week!

If you enjoy the show, feel free to join us Sundays at 7 p.m. PST when we live stream our show recording over on twitch.tv/blizzpro – made possible in part by generous fans who support our Patreon. We also welcome conversation on our new Well Met subreddit, and have awesome merchandise available in the BlizzPro store.

(Special thanks to Jake Butineau for our awesome music.)

Keep in touch! We answer reader emails every week (wellmet@blizzpro.com), stay active on Twitter (@WellMetPodcast, or individually @eldorian, @kickedtripod, and @lackofrealism), and love getting your iTunes reviews.

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Gaming and eSports journalist (Icy Veins, Team Acer, and others), covering all things Blizzard. Host of Well Met! podcast.

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