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Well Met! Ep. 40: This is Paladin-sane!

by - 2 years ago

Happy Feast of Winter Veil, Champions (and Well Met!)! Join John, J.R., and Kevin every week and listen in as they discuss strategy, competitive play, card & deck analysis, and more! This podcast is produced to help players up their game in Hearthstone, keep up with the tournament scene, and have some fun along the way. We record live every Sunday evening and release our audio podcast the following Monday!

It’s episode 40 which means we are officially over the hill now! But don’t worry, the best is still yet to come. In this week’s episode we talk about the call for shoutcasters that Blizzard has put out, we discuss the meta this week and the changes in it, and we spend quite a bit of time breaking down the Paladin class and the different archetypes you can expect in the current meta – how to not only play Paladin, but also how to beat Paladin.

Looking forward to the upcoming holidays, we’re still planning on shows every week! If you have any questions or suggestions for some more light-hearted stuff over the season, hit us up with your ideas.

If you enjoy the show, feel free to join us Sundays at 7 p.m. PST when we live stream our show recording over ontwitch.tv/blizzpro – made possible in part by generous fans who support our Patreon. We also welcome conversation on our new Well Met subreddit, and have awesome merchandise available in the BlizzPro store.

(Special thanks to Jake Butineau for our awesome music.)

Keep in touch! We answer reader emails every week (wellmet@blizzpro.com), stay active on Twitter (@WellMetPodcast, or individually @eldorian, @kickedtripod, and @lackofrealism), and love getting your iTunes reviews.

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