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Ben Brode Confirms New Deck Slots to PC Gamer

by - 4 years ago

Ben Brode is, to many, both the face and voice of Hearthstone. He is the game’s senior designer, and was responsible for casting the first ever Hearthstone match that the world saw, at PAX 2013.

Ben Brode at the start of the Hearthstone Innkeeper's Invitational

Brode gave an interview to Tim Clark of PC Gamer recently, in which he discussed new mechanics; the ever-looming danger of power creep; powerful decks like Secret Paladin and Patron Warrior; and even his own spot on the ladder.

Particularly interesting was Brode’s insight into underpowered cards (he discussed these in a video released a few months ago, which is linked at the end of the article), like Goldshire Footman. Clark asked, ‘What is the new card that will be needed to make Goldshire Footman viable?’ Brode’s response was that ‘the pieces are coming together’, citing a potential Hobgoblin Bolster deck. This is an important point: cards that seem bad today could be indirectly buffed by new cards that are added tomorrow. Look at Paladin secrets for an example!

Another point touched on is the randomness of Hearthstone, which Dannie discussed in a recent column. Team 5 considers the game’s random element to actually increase the skill required to play: the ability to think, react and deal with a situation on the fly is what separates the good players from the great ones.

Finally, the big takeaway from the interview was one of the closing points: “The core message for deck slots is that it will happen”. Rejoice!

Read the full interview at PC Gamer now.

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