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Forsen beats Lothar, wins Challengestone 3!

by - 5 years ago

Challengestone is a tournament that puts heavy emphasis on the deck building prowess of its competitors. In Challengestone, you have to build special decks that adhere to a specific set of rules. This means that for the duration of Challengestone you won’t see the same old meta decks, instead each player will learn abut the special rules for the tournament and have limited time to create their own unique decks, often containing cards that don’t really see much play.

For Challengestone 3, the deck crafting rules were rather simple:

Challengestone 3: Right On Target

Build decks with the following restrictions

  • 3 decks of different classes for conquest format

  • Only cards that are capable of targeting other cards or heroes can be included in the decks.

Under this set of rules, Forsen proved his versatility as a player by defeating Stancifka, Neirea, and Lothar on his way to the Championship. Forsen’s line-up of Rogue, Shaman, and Priest was super solid and provided us with some great combos in the form of Rockbiter Weapon + Windspeaker, and even Master of Disguise + Cold Blood + Faceless Manipulator.


If you didn’t see the tournament, I strongly recommend that you head over to Tempo Storm’s Twitch channel and catch-up on this great series of games.





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