• The Grand Tournament Spoiler Card List

The Grand Tournament Spoiler Card List

by JR Cook on         follow @Eldorian

Hearthstone’s second major expansion is expected to be released August 2015 and has 132 collectible cards. As cards get revealed we will add them to this spoiler list until we have the full collection. We’ve arranged them by rarity and then by casting cost and alphabetical order with the class cards being afterwards.

Revealed 132/132

Last Updated August 14, 2015

Neutral Common (22 cards)

Neutral Rare (9 cards)

Neutral Epic (9 cards)

Neutral Legendary (10 cards)

Druid (9 cards)

Hunter (10 cards)

Mage (9 cards)

Paladin (9 cards)

Priest (9 cards)

Rogue (9 cards)

Shaman (9 cards)

Warlock (9 cards)

Warrior (9 cards)

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