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Fade2Karma Deck of the Week: Demon Zoo

by - 5 years ago

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Hi all I am Vortex a professional hearthstone player since beta playing for Fade 2 Karma.

I am bringing you this week’s deck Demon Zoo, Zoo is a deck that always comes back in the meta cycle because of its past power performances. As the zoo meta developed on its own we see more demon versions than anything. It’s a great way of taking over board quickly and snowballing it into victory. Zoo has always been a quicker deck but also a board control deck that utilizes cheap minions to take board and set up for a final push.

Deck List

Demon Zoo
Class: Warlock

Warlock (17)

Neutral (13)


In general you want to fish for your low drops flame imp, Voidwalker, haunted creepers, knife juggler, eggs, Also abusive is a keep but you need to have an target for him for example egg, Voidwalker, Haunted creeper. Also its nice when you have the coin you get more cards which helps with mulligan it can set up good combos, For example having a Voidcaller with a high cost demon minion. Against most classes you can pull it off.


Demon zoo is a board control deck till you snowball it to a point they cannot deal with it anymore. You try to play on curve and make favorable trades. against certain classes you don’t want to pop your eggs too early for example against Paladin, eggs protect your board to a certain amount when played correctly this is the case of most deathrattle minions. now you have a lot of combo potential which will snowball the game in your favor


  • egg+ power + Void terror
  • Voidcaller + Void terror into Doomgaurd/Mal’ganis
  • imp-losion into Mal’ganis

Always try to play out your lower demon minions first in case you draw a Voidcaller and have a high cost demon in your hand. Argus is a great card this will help you taking board either taunting eggs, Voidcallers is great but also just to buff minions and making favorable trades is a good play

Tech Choices

Any deck has the option to make adjustments to your own liking.

The cards that are possible to switch out of this deck are

  • Owl
  • Dire Wolf
  • Void terror

Tech choices you can consider

  • acidic swamp ooze
  • sea giant
  • bane of doom

You can find me streaming on twitch.tv/V0rt3x1337  and I offer coaching for $30 an hour.  Please follow me on twitter @F2K_Vortex

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