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Bonus Deck: Deathlord Hunter

by - 4 years ago

On Friday we give you the Deck of the Week, but sometimes we just cannot wait that long to show you something cool. This is Bonus Deck, where we try to surprise you with cool decks that might just change the way you perceive this game.

In Hearthstone, people love complaining about the ultra aggressive decks. Those decks that just swarm you with early minions and try to finish you off on the first few turns have long earn the hatred of the community, and the flag bearer for this in-your-face strategy is the much maligned Face Hunter. But instead of just complaining, some players decided to take a stand a build a deck to counter the aggression, while remaining viable against the rest of the meta. How fitting that the result was a more defensive version of Mid-Range Hunter? I guess you have to fight fire with fire.

The deck below took Deathstar to #1 legend. The same concept was also used by Gaara, of “The Inn Crowd” fame, in the Vulcun league.

A lot of the pros have been trying out this deck on stream, I’ve recently seen Zalae and Forsen use this deck with success in the Legendary Ranks, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the popularity of this deck skyrockets.

Deathlord Hunter

Hunter (18)

Neutral (12)

This deck has a lot of neat interactions, a Taunt Protected Knife Juggler with a Snake Trap can be a devastating suprise for your opponent, as is the usual Knife Juggler + Unleash the Hounds combo. Spectral Spiders, Hounds, and Snakes have great synergy with Hunter’s Mark. The latter two also double as beasts for Kill Command and Houndmaster synergy. Your two Owls can also allow you to silence a wounded Deathlord, denying your opponent that juicy random minion.

You can watch Deathstar play this deck in the high legend ranks and explain his play on this highlight video from his twitch channel. I highly recommend checking out this video as Deathstar provides excellent insight in how to play the deck, and which cards to mulligan against each class. Be sure to skip down to the parts that aren’t muted because of copyright.







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