Check out the Decks that won TiddlerCelestial's Dreamhack Summer 2015

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As you probably know by now, World Championship Runner-up Tiddler Celestial just won his first major tournament. The Chinese Player went through a tough field of 128 competitors, and claimed victory by defeating Team Complexity’s Dog in the finals.

But how did Tiddler manage such a feat? Well, besides his impeccable Hearthstone Skills, he brought a pretty solid line-up that granted him strong match-ups through the competition. The owner and captain of Team Celestial brought Combo Druid, Zoo Warlock, and Patron Warrior, and used them to win 9 games en route to the Dreamhack Summer Trophy.

Can these decks spell victory for you? Well, might aswell try them, right?


Tiddler’s DHS 2015 Druid

Druid (18)

Neutral (12)


Tiddler’s DHS 2015 Warlock

Warlock (17)

Neutral (13)


Tiddler’s DHS 2015 Warrior

Class: Warrior

Warrior (22)

Neutral (8)