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Beating Baron Geddon

by - 3 years ago



Normal Mode

Ignite Mana (0): Deal 5 damage to the enemy hero if they have any unspent Mana.

Baron Geddon is the second boss in the Molten Core wing, and this fight is all about being mana efficient. Baron Geddon’s Hero power is Ignite Mana, and it will heavily punish you for leaving mana crystals unspent.

The Mulligan becomes really important on this fight to ensure that you can actually curve out well. I’d recommend staying away from reactive and combo based decks, instead going for a more aggressive approach that isn’t afraid to be playing proactive cards every turn and pressure out the Baron.

I went with a pretty standard Face Hunter and wrecked him on the first try. His Living Bomb spell might be a bit of an issue, but I wouldn’t be too worried about it.


Heroic Mode

On Heroic Mode his Hero Power and Living Bombs double up on the punishment, and his HP and Armor rise to insane levels.

Ignite Mana (0): Deal 10 damage to the enemy hero if they have any unspent Mana.


 Dealing 100 damage is no joke, so you really need a deck that can dominate the board. You likely want to buff up minions. Here’s what I used to beat it.


You’d likely want to add in the Demonfires if you have them, also Malganis is a better fit than Illidan is. The Second Void Terror should also be added if it is available and it is quite important because it helps you clear a Living Bomb minion.

Mulligan hard for a one drop, restart the game if you don’t get it. Be sure to spend all your mana every turn and be careful with overfilling up your board, I had to do a very bad trade just to open up space on my side of the board so I could actually spend my mana.

Save Power Overwhelming to counter his Living Bomb, save your Flame Imps to buff up your Floating Watchers. Floating Watchers are what usually wins you a game so try and protect them as they grow into unstoppable demonic forces. Kel’thuzad has very good Synergy with Void Terror and Power Overwhelming, and Faceless Manipulator can copy a super buffed up minion.

Dannie Ray

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