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Blackrock Depths: Heroic Deck Lists and Videos

by - 3 years ago

Got home this evening and opened up Blackrock Mountain. Luckily, I already had some practice last month against Grim Guzzler in both normal and heroic so I knew what I was getting into. The following are the deck lists and strategy I used along with the video of the match.

Grim Guzzler

His heroic ability drops in 2 creatures for himself and 1 for you. So you want to mulligan all your creatures since you’ll be getting them in play for free. The way you win this match is fairly easy, make sure you get board control and keep your creatures on the board while killing his with bigger creatures and cheap removal. Eventually he’ll run out of cards and you can just win.

In the video I used Deathwing instead of Malygos. But if you watch the video you’ll see why I added Malygos to the deck afterwords. Malorne might be another decent pick to add.

Grim Guzzler Heroic
Class: Druid

Druid (24)

Neutral (6)

Dark Iron Arena

This was actually the toughest match out of all of them. I initially tried a druid deck on this for 2 or 3 tries before I switched to the freeze mage variation and as you can see in the video, I BARELY won. Hogger looks like he might actually be really good in this deck so you might consider adding him (using Faceless Manipulator on his Hogger is what pretty much won me the game).

High Justice Grimstone’s hero ability plops down a 1/1 with taunt to protect all of the legendary cards he puts down. He starts out his turn with 4 mana so by 2nd turn he’s putting out some pretty nasty dudes that will be difficult for you to deal with.

The whole idea of this deck is to try and deal with his creatures as much as possible by sticking them to the board with frost spells. Getting a ton of creatures and killing them off with Doomsayer after a freeze is essential. Your secrets are important and using mirror entity and Faceless Manipulator appropriately can win you games.

Dark Iron Arena Heroic
Class: Mage

Mage (20)

Neutral (10)

Emperor Thaurissan

This became one of my favorite fights. His hero power does 30 damage to you but he can only cast it if Moira Bronzebeard is killed. Since she can only attack the hero the first order of business I found is to make her attack only 1. The Emperor is a smart guy though and uses minions that if killed can do AOE (Abomination and Unstable Ghoul) He also uses the Death Bite’s Weapon. You’ll want to save your silence spells for the minons and also drop divine shield on Moira if he gets Death’s Bite. Using Blessing of Wisdom on Moira is also a great way to have card advantage the entire game.

Emperor Thaurissan Heroic
Class: Paladin

Paladin (19)

Neutral (11)

Class Challenges: Hunter and Mage

Here are some bonus videos from the Hunter and Mage challenge modes that were unlocked this wing. Mage is definitely one of the all time best ones for sure.

JR Cook

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