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Beating the Grim Guzzler

by - 3 years ago



Normal Mode


Pile on is Coren Direbrew’s Hero Power and it is what defines this fight. Every turn Coren will put a minion from each deck into the battlefield, but you’ll get the chance to use your minion first so the advantage is in your side if you build your deck right. You’ll want to make sure that most of your minions are big ones, so you’ll probably want to pick a class that has lot of cheap removal, weapons are also something that could come in handy to make sure you don’t fall behind during the early game.

Because of Coren’s Big Minions, cheap cards like Execute, Naturalize, and even Sap will be key on this match up.

He also has a spell that summons four 1/1 taunts, which make having some AoE avaliable a pretty big help.


I proceeded to clear all 4 taunts with Backstab, Backstab, Shiv, and my weapon. Leaving me open to do 14 points of face damage


For this mode I decided to go with Rogue, it has weapons, lots of early spells, minion removal, AoE, pretty much everything you need.

Here’s the decklist I used:


Deck Building:

As you quickly notice, its mainly big minions and cheap spells. I got a 100% winrate with this deck over 5 matches, but you could even improve it further. Adding Legendary Minions such as the Foe Reaper, Gruul, Trogzor, Mekgneer Thermaplugg, and specially Deathwing could definitely be an improvement over Mountain Giant, the Stormwind Champion, Sunwalkers and Illidan.

I would keep the Force-Tank MAX in though, the Divine Shield is super valuable to make sure the tank stays alive and tramples your opponents face.

With all your spells Malygos could be a fun option.

Also I’m a scrub and don’t have 2 Blade Flurries, those should be replacing Headcrack asap.

Also Sabotage might be a better option than Assassinate.

Play Strategy:

ME GO FACE! Yes, take a page out of our favorite SMOrc’s book and force your big minions into an early win. You could try a more control approach and trade, but he has Brawls and also a card that Always wins brawls. I consistently killed him before turn 5 anyway.


For your starting hand, you most likely want a SAP there. Backstab + Eviscerate are also pretty valuable.



Heroic Mode


On Heroic, Coren Direbrew doubles down on his generosity and now summons 2 minions for himself every turn. Don’t worry though, your lone minions is going to be enough to prevail, even against his 30 Health + 15 Armor Improved statline.

I tried the same deck I used for normal to see what could be improved and I ended up beating him on three out of three tries. His lack of taunters beyond the cool summon 4 spell that he uses proves to be his downfall as you can mostly go full face and still wreck him. Still, this Heroic Mode requires a bit more of thinking as you’ll get into situations where it is the smart trades that win you the game.

Changing those silly Headcracks into Blade Flurries is the first priority here as you cannot afford to let him build his board while hiding behind the small taunters. If you have more quality big legendaries than me, this should be a piece of cake.

Dannie Ray

Reaper of Souls Player and Theorycrafter, former WoW Raider, Finally got my Heroes invitation! On my spare time I might, or might not be working towards a Masters on Computer Science.