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Blackrock Mountain Spoiler Card List

by - 6 years ago

This will be a living document until we get all the information for the Blackrock Mountain Adventure mode.

There will be 31 total cards in this set that will come out in 5 wings (5 weeks). That means we will see roughly 6 per week. There will be 13 neutral cards and 18 class cards (2 per class)

Cards Revealed: 31/31

Neutral (13/13)

Druid (2/2)

Hunter (2/2)

Mage (2/2)

Paladin (2/2)

Priest (2/2)

Rogue (2/2)

Shaman (2/2)

Warrior (2/2)

Warlock (2/2)

Last Updated: 3/30/2015

JR Cook

JR has been writing for fan sites since 2000 and has been doing Blizzard Exclusive fansites since 2003. He helped co-found BlizzPro in 2013. You can hear JR every week talk about Hearthstone on the Well Met Podcast published on iTunes.

11 responses to “Blackrock Mountain Spoiler Card List”

  1. Cloaca says:

    The requirement “Holding a dragon” does that mean that the dragon must be in your hand for the effect to take place?

  2. asdasf says:

    what does 1/2 mean in the class cards ?

  3. Stephen Corwin says:

    Where’s the damn druid cards…. ugh.

    <— impatient

  4. Nuclein says:

    The second Mage Card is way to situational. i guess. Three minions need to die, and then its only a better frostbolt.

    • Justin Black says:

      I think it is ideally used when you are way behind on board and you just had to flamestrike, and then Dragon’s Breath to finish off their 1 big minion etc. Think Onyxia, flamestrike + DB clear. Or, you can put it in a freeze mage, and after frost nova doomsayer or blizzard/flamestrike + ping you can still get in some face damage

    • Kyle Metheny says:

      You can Flamestrike then either kill the leftovers or get some free damage

  5. Nuclein says:

    Daumn, theyre all up now

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