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Next Adventure Mode is Black Rock Mountain?

by - 6 years ago

We’re a little over a week away from PAX East and we know that the Hearthstone team will have some kind of major announcement at the show. Speculation has been a new adventure mode would probably be announced but up until now, we didn’t really have an idea what it might be.

We might have gotten a hint of that answer today.

Hearthhead has datamined a new upcoming patch in Hearthstone. Within it are some card backs for Ragnaros, Molten Core, and a Golden Celebration. Molten Core’s card back has the most interesting string associated with it that says “purchase brm presale”, brm in this case probably pertains to Black Rock Mountain where Molten Core is at.

The Ragnaros card back is a seasonal card back and when (or if I guess) Black Rock Mountain Adventure Mode gets revealed at PAX East next week, will probably be the card back for March for those who have ranked to 20 or higher.

The Golden Celebration card back is quite likely one that will celebrate Hearthstone’s 1 year anniversary which is coming up soon (March 11 to be exact).

All of these signs point to a new adventure mode being revealed at PAX East. The brm presale indicates it will be a lot like Curse of Naxxramas with being able to purchase the mode in the first month and being awarded a card back. It’s likely we might be fighting through Molten Core’s bosses in this adventure mode with Ragnaros being the last boss.

I’m fully expecting we’ll see a release date around the end of March or first half of April as the Hearthstone team will probably spend a month after PAX East to reveal the new cards that will come out with the set.

JR Cook

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3 responses to “Next Adventure Mode is Black Rock Mountain?”

  1. Golgo13 says:

    If true, do you think Ragnaros will have some witty quip if you play Ragnaros against him? I do.

  2. Mark Davis says:

    Pretty interesting, hopefully we won’t have to wait until late summer like we did for Naxxramas.

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