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HearthPro Episode 47: BlizzCon Hype and Handlocks

by - 6 years ago

Stephen, Kevin and Marc are back to talk BlizzCon and everything else related to the Hearthstone World Championship. After the break, Kevin and Stephen break down one of the most popular decks, the Handlock.

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Marc Huber

Marc is dad to three kids and lives in the Chicago suburbs. He plays Rongar the Orc shaman in World of Warcraft. He blogs about Hearthstone and co-hosts HearthPro Show, the official podcast of BlizzPro for all things Hearthstone.

2 responses to “HearthPro Episode 47: BlizzCon Hype and Handlocks”

  1. noah says:

    File isnt working. Fails about 4 minutes in.

    • Marc says:

      Hi Noah, sorry that you’re having a difficult time with the episode. Unfortunately, I cannot replicate the error: it downloads fine to two different devices for me, and I can play it on the website. Maybe clear the cache?

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