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Is Blizzard Hinting at a Lich King Expansion Announcement at PAX Prime?

by - 6 years ago

This post on Reddit titled “Is Blizzard Hinting at Something?” got my gears turning a bit.

The user “BroItsLogan” asks on the Hearthstone subreddit:

I noticed the Inn Keeper talking about how cold it is outdoors. At first I thought it just had to do with Naxxramas or something. But than the Ice Crown card back was announced, and I started noticing their articles having this image in them


Does this mean anything?

The articles he’s referencing is the Ice Crown card back announcement, the card back we’ll get at the end of the month. However, that image was being used in articles before that announcement. Also, since Curse of Naxxramas has been released the Inn Keeper has been making comments about how cold it is outside. This is quite possibly because Naxxramas is located in Northrend and nothing more.

However, with that said, the card back does coincide nicely with a recent announcement that Blizzard made about PAX Prime and that you’ll have a chance to find out “what’s in the cards for Hearthstone”. PAX Prime takes place at the end of August and the Hearthstone team has had a history of making announcements at PAX events by announcing the game itself at PAX East 2013 and Curse of Naxxramas at PAX East 2014.

So I feel like Blizzard is going to announce something with Hearthstone at PAX Prime and then have some more stuff to reveal at BlizzCon in November. Jason Chayes said recently in an interview with PC Gamer that spectator mode is being worked on already and they have some cool designs to roll out here in the next few weeks. The interview was July 29, so a few weeks could fall on PAX Prime. Also with TeSPA holding their collegiate tournament at PAX it’s possible we might hear more about it.

What caught my attention though is the recent Turn 2 interview with developer Ben Brode. Not a whole lot was really revealed in that hour long interview except for one big thing – Blizzard is already working on a card expansion that isn’t going to be released through Adventure Mode and will be more than 30 cards. With Curse of Naxxramas setting the stage in Wrath of the Lich King and the new card back being Ice Crown Citadel related, is it possible that we’ll be seeing our first expansion get released and it have a Death Knight/Northrend theme to it?

Many people have speculated that we’ll eventually get new Heroes in Hearthstone and the most popular pick seems to be that of the Death Knight. I’m not sure we’ll get a hero as the Hero Power alone makes the game really hard to balance. Either way, many CCG players are used to 3-4 major updates to the game each year to shake things up and keep the meta fresh. I think it’s very possible Blizzard could be announcing something at PAX Prime that might hit around November/December with another set planned after that which will be announced at BlizzCon and released early 2015.

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  1. Quincyanna Jones says:

    That would be 100% awesomesauce.

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    (Looks awesome)

  3. Devizz LIVE says:

    For any of you that feel as nostalgic as me about the best, most epic expansion in WoW’s history; be sure to check out this Hearthstone Adventure Concept: Assault on the Icecrown Citadel


  4. jakdripr says:

    Gosh I wish I hadn’t read this, now ill be going into pax prime hoping as opposed to indifferent.

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