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Further Clarity on Obtaining Golden Curse of Naxxramas Cards

by - 5 years ago

In a new blue post today, Community Manager Zeriyah provided further details on the iterative process behind designing how golden versions of the Curse of Naxxramas cards would be obtained by players. What was unclear originally regarding earning them through defeating bosses in Heroic Mode was that the defeat would unlock the potential to craft the Golden versions. In other words, we were always intended to craft them. Here’s Zeriyah in her own words:

Hey guys – there is a bit of confusion here that I wanted to help clear up.

First, let’s start off by quoting something I mentioned yesterday about golden Naxxramas card acquisition:

Acquiring golden cards from Heroic Mode bosses was actually something we had in-game during internal testing. We actually received a lot of negative feedback on this method of golden card acquisition. Like I mentioned, Heroic Mode bosses are not easy, and it felt really bad for people that felt like they could never get the golden versions of Naxxramas cards. We made this change to make things more accessible for everyone.

So, crafting golden cards was always a part of the equation during internal testing when it came to Heroic Mode. However, you were not able to craft golden versions of a card until you defeated the Heroic Mode version of that boss. Getting a golden card as a confirmed drop from a Heroic Naxxramas boss was never a part of the equation – they have always been craftable, but the ability to acquire and craft them used to be through defeating the Heroic Mode version of that boss as opposed to just getting the non-golden version of the card through Normal mode in order to craft the golden version. 

This didn’t feel like a good reward for defeating a Heroic Mode boss in Naxxramas, so we took out the part where you had the defeat the boss on Heroic first to craft the card. In this manner, it made acquiring the golden version of Naxxramas cards more accessible to everyone. 

This was not explicitly clear that crafting golden Naxxramas cards has always been a part of the equation in my initial post, hence the confusion that has manifested. For this I apologize – I hope this explanation helps clear up what may appear to be contradictory statements, but was in fact simply just omitted information in the initial post, where assumptions could easily be made.

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