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Changes to Deathrattle Coming In Curse of Naxxramas

by - 5 years ago

In a currently ongoing Twitter conversation, Senior Game Designer Ben Brode commented on coming changes to the Deathrattle mechanic slated for the release of Curse of Naxxramas. When the change goes live, any instances wherein minions with Deathrattle die simultaneously, the order in which they were played will determine the order in which the Deathrattles trigger. This is vastly different from the current state of the game, where there has often been confusion regarding which Deathrattle would take place first. Classic examples often involved Sylvanas Windrunner.

Ben Brode Discusses Deathrattle in Naxxramas

How do you all feel about this change? Does it make sense? Seem unnecessary? Let us know in the comments section below.

Stephen Stewart

Leviathan is a top-tier Hardcore player, with several Top 10 Leaderboard finishes during Seasons and also many high rankings and server-firsts for various Conquests. His favorite class is the Crusader and you can catch his stream at https://www.twitch.tv/leviathan111!

One response to “Changes to Deathrattle Coming In Curse of Naxxramas”

  1. Jim Krenz says:

    From a design perspective, I think this is a smart change. From a playing perspective, it will encourage me to play certain cards as soon as I can.

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