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DKMR’s Deck of the Week #2, Druid Tokens

by - 4 years ago

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[DKMR]Alchemixt here from team Don’t Kick My Robot to bring you this week’s Deck of the Week.  This week the deck that we are going to talk about is a really fun version of Druid that has become more popular recently and that our own team member [DKMR]Varranis used to hit legendary in constructed ranked.

In this version of Druid, you make “Tokens” or many small creatures from cards like Imp Master and Violet Teacher to be combined with Savage Roar for massive damage.


DKMR Druid Tokens

  • Innervate x2 – Used to power up your early plays to get out cards like Imp Master and Harvest Golem out. Sometimes, it is used for a quick Force Of Nature Combo.
  • Argent Squire x2 – One of the better one cost creatures and works very nicely with all of the buffs you give to you creatures.
  • Power Of The Wild x2 – Good pump effect or just a 3/2 dude to get rolling on the board. Very good to use to play around cards like Whirlwind or Explosive Trap.
  • Wrath x2 – Standard early game removal and can dig you deeper to your combo.
  • Bloodmage Thalnos x1 – The spellpower is relevant often with cards like Swipe and Wrath. Also, another body on the board to combo with + dig you towards your combo is great.
  • Loot Hoarder  x2 – Trades of nicely with other creatures and digs you towards your other combos.
  • Nat Pagle x1  – OP and still a body on board for Savage Roar/ Power Of The wild.
  • Savage Roar x2 – One of the main finishes in the deck and what most of the deck is built around.
  • Harvest Golem x2 – Strong and reliable early game creature and can usually be counter on to stick around for your combo.
  • Imp Master x2 – Great creature, especially vs. Aggro decks. However, it can be quite fragile at times and taken care of rather easily.
  • Swipe x2 – Not really in theme with the deck but, this card is basically too good not to play. Sometimes you can swipe their face to set up for lethal or finish them off.
  • Keeper Of The Grove x2 – Can be used to deal 2 damage to try and gain some board control as well as silence opposing taunts in order to sneak your combo or Leeroy Jenkins through.
  • Leeroy Jenkins x1 – Another finisher that can combine well with Swipe and 1 or 2 Savage Roars.
  • Violet Teacher x2 –  A 3/5 for 4 mana cost is already pretty decent and the effect synergies very nicely with your whole deck.
  • Azure Drake x2 – Spellpower, cantrip, large body and could be innervate out. Sign me up!
  • Force Of Nature x1 – The main combo in the deck and finisher. Every once in a while you may need to use it as removal against other aggressive decks.
  • Ancient Of Lore x2 – Kind of the same thing as Swipe in the sense that it is basically just too good not to play.




This matchup should be slightly favorable for the token version because, both decks are generally trying to set up a good Force of Nature combo but, the token version does this gameplan much better. Standard Druid is a little slow and you should get enough time to easily set up a nice combo.


Hunter Aggro

Many people will tell you that this is a bad matchup but, if you play carefully you shouldn’t have much of a problem. You have Wrath to kill off their early creatures and cycle through you deck to find your combo pieces. Also, be mindful of Unleash The Hounds and don’t go too nuts on tokens immediately. Try to get a well timed Power Of The Wild +1/+1 effect to played around cards like Explosive Trap. Just play smart and don’t fall into their “traps”.


Paladin Giants

This deck has recently gained more popularity after appearing on Fight Night ESGN. The Paladin deck definitely has some cards that you need to watch out for such as, Consecration and Wild Pyromancer which can easily clean up your entire board. On top of that, they can also bring down late game taunted giants to protect themselves. As with any giant deck, anticipate when a giant is likely to come down and try not to lower their health too low until you can finish off with a large burst damage combo. You do not need to bring them from 14 life to 10 life and make their Molten Giant free when your main combo already deals 14 damage.



Slightly favorable matchup for the Token Druid deck. Watch out for cards like Feral Spirit and Lightning Storm. Also, Earth shock can be quite effective if you are playing with the Loot Hoarder and Argent Squire. Even though their Lightning Storm and Feral Spirits are good, they don’t actually gain much value for the Shaman.  Basically, they will be force to use their Lightning Storm on your Loot Hoarder, Imp Master + tokens, and Argent Squire in fear of the combo. The thing is, Loot Hoarder will replace itself, Argent Squire has a divine shield, and the Imp Master generated free tokens, therefore, you shouldn’t fall too behind due to their AOE damage.


Warlock Giants

Quite favorable matchup for the Druid. They naturally get themselves in range of your combo kill. As long as you have a good answer to their taunted giants you should have an easy win. Also, Many times you can kill them or put them in Swipe range before they even get a chance to taunt up anything large.



Really depends on how the priest is built. The Northshire Cleric is a beast in this matchup because it can pick off all of your pesky creatures while healing to gain card advantage. If the Priest runs a solid amount of taunts then that could really put a stop to your plan as well. Just be aggressive and try and find an early Wrath to kill North Shire Cleric.


Miracle Rogue

Tough match overall. They have really good removal against all of your small creatures and kill you just as fast if not faster. The only good thing about this matchup is that they usually do not run any taunts. Therefore, if you can get a fast innervated combo you might be able to race them without having many problems. The hardest part of this matchup is they do not require many creatures on the board to kill you, while you require a good amount of creatures that can all be taken out easily.

Jaina Proudmoore


Unfavorable matchup in general. Their Hero power is very good against you because they can constantly limit your creatures on board making it harder to assemble a good Savage Roar combo. If the Mage runs Ice Block, that also can really hurt you killing him out of nowhere.


Warrior Control

(Warrior Control deck list from DKMR)

Unfavorable. They have many ways to kill off small and large creatures as well as AOE damage. Armorsmith and Acolyte Of Pain are very good for the same reason Northshire Cleric was. Those cards pick off all of your early creatures while also providing them with an advantage.

Playing Against Aggressive Decks in General (Paladin Aggro, Warlock Variants, and Warrior Aggro)

Many of your creatures can trade effectively with Aggro decks creatures. Cards like Imp Master can be quite good unless dealt with immediately. Also, trading off your creatures that cantrip, such as Loot Hoarder is always some great value. Do not be hesitant to use Force of Nature to just clear their board. Mulligan aggressively for the cards you need to win the early game and you shouldn’t have much trouble with your standard aggressive decks.

We hope you guys give this deck a try on the ladder as it is quite powerful and fun as well. Please feel free to leave any questions or constructive criticism. Thanks!

Guide written by [DKMR]Alchemixt

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